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Libra POV

"...the molecular composition affects... therefore the atoms..." I tuned in and out as chemistry class droned on. I thanked the gods above when the bell finally rang, signaling the end of this hell.

Practically leaping out of my seat, I ran out of the classroom. Waiting at my locker were my two best friends, Amanda and Samantha.

"Hey Libs!" Amanda greeted.

"Hey!" We immediately fell into conversation, walking through the halls.

"You guys will never guess what happened!" Samantha exclaimed. We both looked at her. "Brad asked me out to the dance!"

I looked at her unsure. "Sam, you know he's a total player, he's just going to break your heart.." She scoffed at me.

"Whatever. He's hot and that's what matters. You of all people should know that."

"Excuse me?" I turned to her offended. Before she could say anything else, a loud slam echoed against the lockers, diverting my attention to the noise.

"YOU WANNA SAY THAT AGAIN, PUNK?!" One of the guys from the football team was holding someone else against the lockers by their collar.

"Ew, it's that weird loner kid." Samantha remarked.

"KICK HIS ASS, JASON!" Amanda encouraged. I couldn't believe it. The fight was clearly one sided, yet they were still pushing him to go further.

Help him, Libra.

For a second I felt like I was in a trance of some sort. Listening to the strange voice, I ran to the two of them, breaking up the fight.

"What are you doing?! STOP!" I yelled at Jason, trying to push him back. Slowly, he released his grip on the other guy and backed away. I stood in front of the boy protectively.

"You're protecting this loser now?!" I remained standing through his nasty glare, sending one of my own. "I thought you were fun, Libra, but it looks like you're just another buzzkill." With that, he walked away, Amanda and Samantha leaving with him.

As soon as they were out of sight, I turned back around to face the boy. "Oh my god, are you okay?" His face had a sharp cut along the cheekbone, and he was using the locker as support to stand.

"Just peachy..." He mumbled, wincing as he touched the bleeding cut.

"Um... I'm Libra!" I said, trying to fill the awkward silence.

"I know." He quickly looked away, a small blush on his cheeks. "I-I mean we're in the same Spanish and Algebra class.."

I thought for a second, guilty that I didn't  remember seeing him even once. "We also went to the same elementary and middle school." If I didn't feel guilty before, I definitely felt guilty now. Think Libra, think! What's his name?!

"Pickles..?" I mentally facepalmed at myself. WHO WOULD NAME THEIR KID PICKLES FOR CHRIST'S SAKE?!

"Close. It's Pisces." He said with a small smile.

"I'm so sorry..." I groaned. "I'm normally not this bad with remembering people, I swear!"

He chuckled. "It's no problem,"

We stayed there, sitting on the floor and staring, before I finally cleared my throat. "Uhm, we should probably get you to the nurse's office." I could practically feel my cheeks getting pinker.

"Right." I helped him off of the ground.

We made conversation as we walked. "Do you think the cut's going to scar?" I asked him, glancing at the red line.

"God I hope not." Pisces grumbled.

"I don't know, I think it'd look cool," I smiled, making him look away embarrassed.

"Well, here's the nurse's office, so you can go to your class now." He mumbled. I grabbed his wrist as he started walking away.

"Excuse you but I'm coming with you." At this his face lit up.

"Really! Uh— I mean, you don't have to if you don't want to..." He said, trying to hide his excited expression.

"Oh trust me, I want to." Before he could say anything else, I dragged the both of us inside.

A/N: I think this chapter is super cute 🙈. Let me know what you think, I really appreciate it!

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