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Scorpio POV

I lurched forward as a shriek pierced my ears. Now fully awake, I looked around slightly panicked. To my left was Cancer, who I finally figured out was the source of the scream. She hugged her legs against her body, violently shaking.

"Woah, you okay, Cance?" I asked her. I put my hand on her shoulder to.. comfort..? Or what I assumed would be comforting. Thankfully, she grasped onto my hand with her shaking one and gave me a grateful look. At least I know that worked?

"I.." She choked out, staring at the ground in concentration. Her scream had successfully woken everyone up, so now the entire group was watching for answers. It was darker now, so it looked like we'd only slept for about four or five hours. If I had to guess, I'd say it was around nine or ten o'clock.

Gemini groggily spoke. "Jesus, what was that noise? Did someone accidentally eat a bug or something?" He laughed at his joke, but after seeing Cancer's expression he finally got the gist of what was sort of going on and stopped his joking. A wise decision. I probably would've punched his teeth in if he had made her any more uncomfortable.

"I.. saw something. In my dream. No, it was more like a vision." Her grip on my hand tightened. I gave her a squeeze back. "It was really vivid, and all of you were there, and-and then we.." she paused, then looked up at everyone with a guilty expression, her voice barely a whisper. "I'm sorry. I woke you guys up over a silly dream. I probably sound ridiculous."

"Don't say that!" Taurus yelled. We looked at her, mildly shocked. "Something like this already happened, remember? Back when we first met!"

I recalled the event. When she had accused Cancer of being a witch trying to poison me. "Oh, you mean back when you were acting like a total lunatic?" To be fair, she was.

"I WASN'T ACTING LIKE- oh whatever! Anyways, you get the point." She huffed.

"Oh!" Leo gasped. Our attention turned to him. "Yeah, actually I've also had one of those dreams. Right before Gogo started tutoring me. It was real funky though, so I don't really remember most of it."

Aries interjected, adding on. "Yeah. Didn't Aquarius say something like this had been happening to you guys pretty often back when we all first met? That you were all getting some signs?"

Aquarius nodded. "That's right. So far, besides the ones that I'm pretty sure have been little predictions of the future, all of the visions and signs we've gotten have been correct. That's how we knew there were twelve of us in the first place."

We all stayed quiet for a while letting the information sink in, until eventually Capricorn was the one who broke the silence. "Well then, what did you see in the dream?"

Cancer seemed more calm now — assured. Her voice came out easier than it had before, and her hands had stopped shaking as well. That was a good sign. "All of us were here, in this forest. We were all standing in a circle with these strange shapes drawn into the dirt. And then, the ground.. fell apart."

I gave her a confused look. "Fell apart? How? Did it just crumble like some sort of sinkhole?"

"I-in a way, I guess. I'm not quite sure how to explain it. The drawings started to glow, and then it was almost like the ground was sucking us up. But, at the bottom wasn't dirt, it-it was almost like the sky was below us. But that just doesn't make sense." Cancer explained, unconsciously playing with my fingers to focus.

"That does seem a bit... worrisome. But, why'd you seem so scared?" Sagittarius asked.

Her fiddling paused, going back to squeezing instead. "The falling sensation. It was cold... and dark. And it felt like it would last forever." The shaking was back. Not liking how scared she looked, I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. She accepted my attempt at comforting, mouthing a small 'thank you'.

"Well... now we have to decide." We all looked towards Capricorn. His voice was dark, and he seemed to be deep in thought.

"Decide what?" Taurus asked slowly, almost like she was scared to know the answer. When he didn't respond, she repeated her question, her voice stronger this time. "Decide what, Cap?"

"Do we ignore her vision?

Or do we replicate it?"

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