Chapter six

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*y/n's pov*
we sit on the porch up front "come here" Jack says getting up and extends his arm, I hold it and get up. we head down the stairs and then I see a swing "there" he points to the swing and we head to sit on it. I sit crisscross and face Jack "how's the party" he asks as he creases my cheek "amazing" I say "thanks you really" I smile "of course" he says.

I feel my phone vibrate and I take it out it was my mom.

-phone call-
me: yeah?
mom: are you coming home?
me: what time is it
mom: it's past 12
me: umm, no I'll be staying here at the cabin with Jack
mom: ok, well goodnight. be careful I love you sweetie

after saying goodbye to my mom, Jack smiles "good thing she said yes" he smiles "as long as it not to late and these people leave before I go to sleep" I laugh a little "trust me, they will. if some are drunk which most are, I'll drive them" I smile "you don't have to do that, they can stay there" I insist "no, I want you to be comfortable. really it's fine" he gives me a generous smile and I return it.

"I want to eat!" I sigh as the final people are leaving, except for the boys of course. "all that drinking got you hungry huh" Johnson says "I guess you could say that but really is there any more food left" I whine "sure" he says and points to the table where the food was. there wasn't much but it was plenty for me.

I was done eating and Jack was finally back after a while, longer than I expected actually. I thought it was a nice gesture though for him to do that. Jack came back and I see him so I head outside, closing the door behind me "thank you, and I mean it really all of this wouldn't be happening if it weren't for you" I smile and hug him, he hugs me back. I pull from the hug and look at him. I tilt my head in confusion "what?" he asks

"what is that?" I say pointing to his neck "is that a" I stop myself when I realize it's a hickey, a recent one. knowing that we aren't going out a bit my lip holding back the tears "I uh.." a tears slips from my eye not being able to hold it back much longer "that's why you were gone long, that's why you offered yourself to go take people home because you probably were planning to hook up with someone!" I yell out of anger.

I don't know why I was anger but i was. "what's wrong with you?" he snaps "well..I..just thought..." I began not being able to find my words "you thought what" he says anger in his tone "nothing! i don't know why I'm so stupid!" I yell to him and head inside. I head to the back and sit out.

"what's wrong?" I turn around and see Matt "nothing" I lie "I've known you for a while now and I know you're lying" he says as he takes a sit next to me "everything was fine but then you know jack" I sigh as I hold back from crying "he you know, being his usual self" Matt understands right away what I'm talking about "oh, I'm very sorry about that" he says "it's not your fault you shouldn't apologize" I finally say, I look at him and he smiles as I return it as well "come here" he says and pulls me into a hug. I laugh a little and hug him back.

the door opens again and we pull away from the hug to see who it is, it's Jack. I roll my eyes and look straight ahead "can you give us a minute.." he tells Matt, he looks at me and I give him a small smile. he nods ok "be careful" he whispers into my ear placing a kiss on my forehead before going back in. how did I ever get so lucky to have a friend like him.

"I'm sorry" he finally says "ok" is all I say "come on y/n, talk to me" he begs "what do you want me to say" I huff "tell me you forgive me, I can't stand you being mad at me" he takes a sit next to me and I scoot a bit away from him "please" he begs "ok" I sigh "ok what, say it please. I don't want it to seem like you're just agreeing with me" "I forgive you Jack" he smiles and hugs me before we head back inside.

maybe I did like Jack but I already know that he's not a dating type of person. or maybe, just maybe he can change for me. maybe not even for me but just for someone.


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