Chapter thirty-one

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-1 month later-
"I'm so excited but nervous" Bella tells me. It was finally happening. Matt and Bella's big day, this Saturday! "I'm so happy for you two" I smile as she tried on some beautiful white dresses. I got up while Bella changed into another one, I put one just over to take a view and I loved it "perfect" I mumble to myself fantasizing the day of my wedding.

"How's this one!" Bella asks bringing me back to reality "that's beautiful!" I squeal "it is isn't it" she smiles as she admires the dress through the mirror.

After getting the dress we were done! "we still need your bridesmaids dress" she points out, aw I'm like tired! "I'm. so. tired" I whine "come on!" she pulls me by the hand "you still need the other bridesmaids!" I tell her "they've gotten there's already" she says dragging me into the store "hurtful" I say as she laughs.

NOW after we were done getting the bridesmaids dress, which was very beautiful, we went home. my feet were killing me. never, ever, wear booties to a mall although, they looked cute so hey why not.

-Saturday Morning-
"my stomach hurts. I think I might throw up. am I sweating? it feels like I am. do I look fat in this dress?" Bella was very and I mean very worried and nervous "hey, hey. calm down. you'll be fine" I assure her even though I've never gotten married, whoops. it seemed to help her though so that's good "yeah ok. you're right" she breaths out.

"come dance!" Jack says to me as all the boys and Bella dance in the dance floor. Before I could say anything he pulls me in "well gosh, I didn't know I said yes" I laugh "yeah well you did" he smiles at me placing a kiss on my forehead.

after dancing and eating and talking and all that stuff it was time to go. It was already midnight and tbh I don't know till when they had this amazingly room rented for. Jack and I decided to leave home. oh right I don't think I've mention this but! Jack got his own apartment just this week! no, I didn't move in with him but I was spending the night. It had amazing views in the mornings.

Once we arrived to his apartment we went straight to his room. I was still wearing the dress, I grabbed one of jacks long shirts and threw it on. The shirt went down to half my thighs, and yes I was in underwear. I didn't mind though. Jack returned from the kitchen "I see you've gotten a shirt" he smirks "well then your vision is correct" I laugh "I like it on you, just in-case I've never told you" he says giving me a kiss before he lays down. I smile and close my eyes.

"I think I'm in love" he says quietly probably thinking I was asleep. yeah sure we've said I love you before but I don't think we've ever truly meant it and to be honest I think I was too.

"good morning sleepy head" Jack says placing a kiss on my cheek "mhmm" I groan not wanting to get up yet. I get up going into the bathroom "do you have a spare toothbrush?" I ask him "yup down in the little thing" he says "ok thanks!" I say getting toothpaste and turning on the sink.

"Jacky poo" I say then laugh "by the way I just came up with that whoops!" I get to the kitchen to see Jack made breakfast "surprise you didn't burn down the apartment" I say sitting down "hey!" he retorts "I've learned ok" I smirk.

"I believe you and why in the world are you wearing an apron" not that it looked bad, just that, idk I thought it was cute but why not ask "because what if I get something on me" he shrugs "I won't complain because you made breakfast" I say as he sits down.

"Jack" I ask "what are we?" he's never asked me out, we've been acting like we're dating but we aren't dating, so like friends w.benefits I guess you can put it that way. There was a long pause "we're u-um" he stuttered, I laugh "you know what never mind don't worry about it" I shoot him a smile and he barley smiles back.

"I kinda miss collage" I say taking a seat on the couch "I don't" he says as he puts an arm over me "because I wouldn't be able to see you" I smile at his cuteness "hey tomorrow, let's go out, to eat or something" he states and I agree.


I'm like so done with life rn bc Jack and y/n are super cute. 😭

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