Chapter twenty-six

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(Jack & y/n were 18, they're now 22. listen to I'm coming home by P.Diddy if you'd like)

*4 years later*

a lot has happen in these past four years. Jack and I tried the whole distance relationship but it didn't work. I would come back to Omaha but only for holidays and we didn't really see each other because we would spent it with family.

yeah, yeah I know summer I could have come visit him and stuff but I was starting to like Connecticut and stayed there for everything except for like I said holidays.

I've had about only 2 boyfriends after Jack but it wasn't the same, idk I had this very powerful connection I feel like with Jack but I mean I'm dating someone so.

Jack, he's become something so big, he came out with songs along with Johnson. I liked the songs they wrote and bought them, I was so proud of them and how they turned out.

as for Sammy he came out with some music and tours as well with someone name skate maloley. I love their songs as well. oh you're probably wondering about Nash and cameron they're actually filming a movie called outfield I think it's Nash's first movie because cameron filmed a movie called expelled which was hilarious!

they all turned out great. Oh! Almost forgot Taylor, Aaron, Matt, Carter and Bella they all just got out of collage as well. I was excited to finally get to see them. For the first time in four years I'll get to see them again. I think Taylor will be touring soon as well, along with Aaron. not sure about Matt and Carter but that'll have to wait!

I changed I guess you can say. I dyed my hair an ombré. Light brown at the tips and then it goes into a darker brown color. I started putting on a bit more makeup like powder, foundation eyeliner and lipstick.

I've always put on mascara so I guess that really doesn't count "plane 628 to Omaha, Nebraska is now boarding" someone said through the speaker. I was wearing something comfortable grey sweats, a black tank top, thin layered sweater, hair in a bun, black vans and a side black bag.

"I'm so happy you're finally here!" my mom exclaims "me too mom!" I say hugging her "I've missed you" she says as we pull apart "I've missed you as well" I smile.

my mom was now 39, yeah if you did the math she did have me at 17. I'm not really going to get into the details about what happened and stuff.

I got settled into my old room-which reminds me I should start looking for apartments- and I went out to go get some food at Panera. I waited for my food, while I waited I took a seat.

"y/n?" I hear someone say. I look up to see Bella "omg Bella" I say, I get up and hug her "when did you get here?" she asks still smiling "just today" I tell her "omg, you look so different!" she exclaims "thanks! In a good way?" I ask laughing "yes, yes of course! I'm glad you're finally home!" she squeals

I head to go get my food "well I have to go but text me so we could hang out" I tell her "yeah we need to catch up!" she says pulling me into a hug "ok we'll see you later maybe, nice seeing you!" I say to her and head home.

Bella: it was so nice seeing you! I've missed you like crazy!
me: I've missed you too! how are the boys?
Bella: they're great but i know you want to know more about Jack. He's doing well.
me: thanks. but hey let's go get coffee at the coffee corner!
Bella: sure! around what time?
me: 8 sound good?
Bella: perfect! see you there (:

I got into my car which my mom had bought for me and I am grateful of course I'd be paying the payments "mom I'm going to the coffee corner with Bella be home later!" I yell to my mom. I know I didn't have to tell her where I was going but I found no reason not to.

once I got there Bella was already sitting down waiting for me "hey" I say sitting down "why haven't you ordered?" I asked her "I was waiting for you shall we now go order" she said smiling and I laughed "yes let's go"

"so how was Yale! tell me! tell me all!" she says excitedly "Yale was great! there's so many courses, so many great things to see, a lot of friendly people and a lot and I mean a lot of parties" I say "woah! really! did you go to any!" well dam "calm down" I laugh

"sorry it's just I really want to know" she shrugs "how come you didn't go to Yale then?" I joke around but all she does is look down. did she want to go? "hey" I say making her look up "did you want to go" I ask "so did you go to the parties!" she changes the subject.

"yes actually. except for when I had to study for tests or final" I say "were they fun?" I smile "yes they were" she ooed "any guys" she lifts up one of her eyebrows "yes" I smile "I dated like 2 guys" I shrug "omg! tell me tell me!" her eyes widen in excitement and I laugh at it

"I'm currently dating someone, his name is Christopher" he was a great guy. I started dating him sophomore year of collage and we've been dating since "oh girl let me see a picture!" I hand her my phone and she looks through all our photos.

"he's cute! score" she says giving me a high five. I laughed. ah, how I missed her "wait" she says handing me back my phone "yeah?" I question her taking a sip from my coffee "what about Jack" I almost chocked on my coffee hearing his name, if that's even possible?

"well, things happen you know and well I'm happy with Christopher" I fiddle with my fingers "ok just making sure" she assures me "oh and by the way this ones the cutest!" I look at what picture she was talking about.

It was one where we were at his dorm and he was laying down. I was upside down leaning against the wall and we were kissing. Christopher's Best friend took that one. I smiled just looking at it but for some reason I wished that was Jack and I-wait no I'm happy with Christopher, he's great. I shook it off and turned off my phone.

we mostly catch up about what's been happening these past four years. turns out she's getting married with Matthew! I couldn't believe it my two Best friends getting married together. I found that cute. I was happy for them but they weren't getting married until a couple of months.

It was good to be home, with my loved ones around me.


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