Chapter three

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I was getting in the car with the boys and I of course called shotgun, I always get shotgun well because the boys call it last and I'm always first. Jack got in the drivers seat and started driving. we headed the opposite direction of the school, Jack drove for about 10min and then he parked on the side of the street. I looked confused because there was nothing but a dead end. we all got off and they went ahead, I stayed with Matthew a little behind because honestly we both didn't know where we were headed.

We walked to the right of where jack parked and at some point we had to jump a fence "great" I thought. after that we started walking even more "what's up with walking guys!" I ask exhausted "we're almost there y/n" Johnson laughed "ok good because It seems as if you all trying to kidnap me!" they all laugh and finally I start seeing a bunch of tall trees and I thought to myself "wow, what an amazing place" i got my thoughts interrupted when Jack spoke.

"this is it, the great woods" he said looking around and smiled at me. "great that is" I say sounding amazed "I feel like this would be a relaxing place to think or just in general be here" I said walking ahead of all of them still looking at how beautiful it looks. "yes, I guess it would" Jack said "never really thought of that much" he continued "it would be actually it's so peaceful and far away from everyone" Taylor said agreeing with me.

"well what are you guys waiting for come!" I yell to them as I'm ahead. I sit down under a tree and just took in all the greatness of the view and place. soon after a while of talking and playing around it was time to leave.

"no, I don't want to go!" I whine "come on y/n I'll bring you here anytime you want" Jack said gently pulling me by the arm "mh, okay! but you promise" "i don't promise anything" he smirked "then I'm not leaving" I say and stand there like a little stubborn kid and pout. after couple of minutes Jack gave in "okay, okay I promise. now come on" he said walking towards me and caring me bride style. "Jack I can walk you know" I said laughing "yeah I know but the guys are already way ahead of us" he said and that was true they kind of were. but in my defense it was all jacks fault.

*2 months after*

"finally the weekend!" I thought

Jack Gilinsky:'be there in 20
me: Jack I haven't said I need a ride yet..
Jack Gilinsky: but do you
me: maybe
Jack Gilinsky: there you go be their in 20

I love when he did that because he knows me so well. I think I liked him but I don't know because I don't trust him, not yet anyway. but I don't think I will ever be able to trust a boy maybe Matthew he was now my bestfriend but as in with my love, with my heart because my dad said he'd love my mom forever but turns out he really didn't.

today I was wearing something casual. maroon shorts, a black shirt that had "New York" in big letters with other wordings, a necklace, a denim like flannel and white high-tops with my hair straighten. I grab my backpack head downstairs leave it by the door and then grab something quick to eat. once I'm done I head upstairs and brushed my teeth, then back downstairs. exhausting! soon I get a call from gilinsky.

-Phone Call-
Jack Gilinsky: hey, I'm here
me: k, cool me too hah
Jack Gilinsky: yeah I see you're opening the door
me: oh really
Jack: yeah rea- woah..
me: what?

"you look beautiful today" he says and smiles "thanks but you always say that" I say blushing "because everyday you look beautiful" "stop it Gilinsky" i say looking down to my fingers while fiddling with them.

-end of the day-

"Matt!" I call out as he rushes through the door out of 8th period. he stops and turns around "huh?" he asks me kind of looking like he needs to be somewhere. "what's the rush?" "oh nothing just have to go somewhere" he says "to where?" "oh uh.." he looks around and scratches the back of his head "I'll tell you later, text me!" he says practically running out of school.

oh. well that's weird, actually very weird even for Matthew.


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