Chapter thirty-five

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*1 year later*

"come here little Matty" he comes running out of his room opening his little arms "ah, you're so cute" Matthew comes out behind him "his name is dean y/n" Matt sighs "but he looks so much like you!" I say "I want to play" little dean whines "ok go on" I say placing him down as he goes out to the back yard to where Bella and Jack were, Matt and I head outside as well.

"hey babe" Jack says as matt and I sit on the round table that him and Bella were at "isn't he just so cute" I say resting my head on jacks shoulder as he played on the little play set they had for him "one day baby" he says placing a kiss on my forehead.

did he want kids? I mean I want kids to but we've never gotten to that topic.

"ok well we should get going, we're going to go unpack" I tell matt and Bella. After Jack and I married we moved to California, it was very different from Omaha but it was beautiful "yeah ok, see you guys soon" Bella says "don't be strangers" Matt says as I laugh.

we don't live far away from matt and Bella, maybe 2 to 3 blocks away. they moved just a couple months after we got married, then they had little matty, wait no I'm sorry little dean "bye dean" I say as he comes running up to me and gives me a big hug

"bye bye auntie" he says in an adorable voice. he calls me auntie because I've known him since he was a baby and he called me that since he started to speak, I don't mind because he's the kid of my two best friends. I say bye giving him a kiss on the cheek "ok well bye guys see you soon" Jack says and we head out.

"Jack?" I ask him as we get home "yeah?" he says opening the door to our brand new house, it had two rooms, a big backyard, a living room, kitchen, it's dining room, yup two different rooms for the kitchen and dining room. It was also a two story house, it was small but not to small, it was just about right.

"do you want kids?" I say as we take a seat on our new couch. There was a long pause before he spoke "yeah I do" he smiled as he looked at the floor "but if you don't want to right now that's fine I'm not trying to pressure you or anything" he quickly says.

Jack and I were 23 and I wasn't sure if I wanted a kid yet but I could imagine Jack as a parent. I know that I wasn't ready but I wanted to make Jack happy and maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea "no it's ok, I want kids too" I say as Jack puts on the biggest grin on his face. He plants kisses all over my face "I love you" he says in between kisses as I laugh "I love you too Jack" I tell him.


I've been feeling, hm, how do you say it. not good? Nauseous, dizzy, cravings "hey babe" Jack says coming from behind me and hugging me "hello" I say with a smile "want to go out?" Jack asks "yeah sure where to" he thinks "ice cream place" he says, I smile "ok" I grab my shoes and we head out the door.

"Jack babe, what day is it today?" I was suppose to get my period today, maybe I'm just late "the 26th" strange "ok thanks" I say and go back to watching tv.

he comes into the living room and sits next to me putting his arm around me. I get up after multiple times of procrastinating and go into the kitchen to make dinner. After about 20 minutes the food is finally done "Jack" I call out to him "food's ready!"

once I said that Jack comes bursting into the kitchen "can you please set the plates" I say to him and he nods. he places two plates on the table along with their silver wear and cups "there ya go babe" he says getting a pan and serving us both as I get the rest.

we ate and finished but suddenly my stomach, didn't um, like the food. I've always liked it but "Jack I'll be um, right back" I say running to the restroom and practically throwing up the food I just ate

"babe?" I hear Jack outside of the restroom "you okay" he asks, I flush the toilet and brush my teeth then head out. I see Jack still waiting there "yeah I'm fine" I smile at him weakly "is it fine if I go to bed early today. I don't feel so good" I say to him he nods "sure, I'll wash the dishes then head up to. ok" he tells me placing a kiss on my forehead then heading into the kitchen.

-next morning-

*Jack's pov*
I awoke to the sound of the toilet flushing and y/n coming out of the restroom, again. she's been throwing up and not feeling well since yesterday "let's go" I say getting up and putting on a shirt and my shoes "where" she groans

"we're taking you to the doctor. this can't be normal, you've been throwing up since yesterday and basically all through the night last night" I tell her and grab her sweater and boots and hand them to her "ok" she sighs, it was pretty early like maybe around 9 almost 10.

once we got there there wasn't really much people. they took her in and she came out with the most amazing smile plastered on her face. I swear that smile can cure cancer

"Jack" she says as she walks towards me "so?" I question her "let's go out and I'll tell you then" she tells me, ok? I was so confused.

"ok so Jack" she starts "about the whole parenting thing" I think we are going to have a baby girl or a baby boy. a smile grew on my face "are we going to be parents!" I say in excitement "shh" she laughs "yes, Jack. we're having a baby"

a smile grew on her face and I get up from where I was sitting and hugged her probably cut of the oxygen from her but I was so happy "Jack, I-I can't breath" she says and I let go "oh sorry! but I'm just so happy, me and you are going to be parents" this was one of the biggest and best news I've ever received.


not saying wether it's a girl or boy because it's a surprise.

comment names!

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