Chapter sixteen

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-next day-

I woke up to my phone buzzing. my alarm, wait yesterday was Monday. so that means today's Tuesday? yup, frick three more days of school. I sit up against my headboard and grab my phone, when I get a text message. it was from Jack.

Jack: hey babe, need a ride or is your cousin taking you?
me: um, not sure. I think he's like asleep bc of yesterday
Jack: oh right yesterday! it was a good day and sorry
me: sorry for what Jack?
Jack: for assuming things about your cousin.
me: oh it's fine. Now you coming to pick me up or what
Jack: yup! be there in 30?
me: sounds good see you in a few

I lock my phone and check to see what time it is and its 6:15 wow it was early. well mainly because I wake up at 6:30 usually.

I decide to get up and brush my teeth. I put on mascara and let my hair down from my bun. I brush my hair and leave it natural. Once I've decided on my outfit yoga pants that go lower than my knees, a gray sweater with random writing on it and my black high top converse. I then return to do my bed.

I don't usually do it because I mean your going to sleep in it again anyways. but since I had some time to spare I did it "boo!" Chris yells as I come out of my room "nice try" I laugh "hey I thought you were still asleep?" I ask him "I was, just woke up" he says as we come downstairs

"what time did you all come in last night?" I ask my mom "around 12 or 1" my uncle Luke says "what are you guys doing up so early then?" my mom was not a morning person but I can see where I get it from.

"we're getting ready to go rock climbing" my mom says excitingly "what! I want to go!" I whine and put on a puppy face "nice try but you have school" my aunt Jordan says.

really, did you really have to aunt Jordan

"your aunts right you can't skip school" my mom says "ow" I yelp in pain pretending "my stomach hurts" they all laugh "nice try sweetie" my mom says still laughing "frick!" I say "you all are mean!" I yell as I go into the living room. I left my phone on the kitchen table when my phone rings and my mom answered it. great.

-phone call-
mom: hello Jack
Jack: hello mrs.y/l/n
mom: how you been son?
well wasn't that awkward. why is my mom talking to Jack.
Jack: good ma'm how about you?
mom: oh I'm great! want to talk to y/n?
Jack: that's good and no just tell her I'm outside
mom: will do! goodbye Jack
Jack: goodbye mrs.y/l/n

"mom!" I say as I come into the kitchen "jacks outside, such a lovely boy" my mom says smiling "that's not cool. goodbye mother" I fake a smile "now missy you put on a real smile" she says laughing "goodbye everyone!" I say as I close the door.

"sorry about my mom" I say as I get into the car "oh no it's fine" he laughs "can we go to the donut shop" I pout "sure what time is it?" I check my phone "it's 6:50" I tell him "ok, should we go to the one closest to our school or the one around sunflower st?" He asks me as he's driving "the one on sunflower st! they have the best donuts" I say and turn up the radio.

"hi, what would you like?" the lady that works there asks "can I have a glazed donut hole!" I say excitedly "and a vanilla cappuccino" I smile "what size?" I think for like 2 seconds "medium please" I look at jack "what you getting baby boy?" I try to keep serious but I can't and I burst out laughing.

I don't call him baby boy at all it just kinda happened "I'm calling you baby boy now" I say to him and he smiles. "can I have a medium coffee please and a chocolate donut"

"hey guys!" I say to the boys and hug them all "who's this?" I ask. there was a new girl with them "oh this is Isabella" Matt says "oh hi I'm y/n" I smile "hi y/n and call me Bella I like it better that way" I nod ok and look at jack "this is jack aka baby boy" I laugh and the boys all laugh

"aw baby boy!" Taylor mocks laughing "shut up" he says "aw no baby boy it's a cute nick name" Carter says still laughing. I glance over at Bella and she's practically drooling over jack, then again wouldn't blame her.

"you guys are such a weird but cute couple" Aaron says "thanks but we aren't a couple" I smile and jack looks down at me and smiles "oh you two are going out?" she asks "yeah, we are and I couldn't have found a better girl" jack says and gives me a peck "no we're not, not yet at least" she smiles "you two would be cute together" she gives me a warm smile.

I'm already liking her

"so y/n can bella hang out with us?" cameron says "hm? oh yeah sure" I say. Isabella had blonde elbow length hair, light brown eyes, she was about my size maybe a little taller by like an inch or so and she had an accent but idk where shes from exactly.

I wrap my arm around jacks Toros and he puts his arm around my shoulders "how long have you two know each other?" she ask "couple months now" I say to her "ahh I see" there was an awkward pause.

"what do you have first?" I ask her, I look around to see all the boys interested in our conversation "well dam. don't you all have something to talk about?" I laugh then they all laugh "well me and Bella are going to go sit down over there" I point to some tables up in front of our school.

they nod "see you later babe" jack says and we kiss "get a room ya nasty" Nash says I couldn't help but laughing into the kiss "see you later" I say to jack and give him one last peck "bye guys see you all later too" I laugh and head towards the tables with Bella.

sometimes I don't get Jack, we act like a couple but we're nothing serious.

"ok so now" I laugh "what do you have first?" she looks for her schedule "science" "oh me too! and Matty" I say, she looked confused "who's Matty?" I laugh "oh Matthew or shall I say Matt" she laughs "oh ok"

"yeah, that's how me and him became Bestfriends" she smiles "I wish I had a guy bestfriend" I can't believe I was going to say this but I did because she actually seems very nice but in a bitchy sorta way, just like me at times.

"jack" she gives me a confused look "he'll be a great Bestfriend" I smile and she smiles "but I hardly know him and anyone here" she says fiddling with her fingers "hey how about after school we all go to the mall?" I suggested "that would be fun!" she says excitedly.

"good that way you'll get to meet them and trust me they're the best" I smile at her as we get up when the first bell rings "yeah seems like it" she says and we head into school.

"hey babe" jack says and puts an arm around me "hey baby boy" I laugh still can't get use to that "what are we doing today" he asks "mall with all the boys and Bella" I say "ok cool" he smiles "so" I say and extend the o

"what do you want" he sighs "what I can't just say so, so we can talk about something" I say looking up at him "yes but when you extend the a letter I know there's a favor you want me to do" he says

"frick! we have to stop hanging out boy" I say joking around and he laughs, I love his laugh "your laugh" I say admiring him "what about it?" He asks kinda worried "oh nothing it's just its" "it's what?" he asks "it's cute" I smile and he smiles "not as cute as yours" I give him a peck.

"ok so now, Bella wants a guy bestfriend and I said you could be it" he had a blank expression on his face "please" I say "she doesn't know anyone here! plus it's not like you have to be just give her a try maybe you two will end up being close" he smiles "ok but just for you love" I smile "ok! thanks baby boy" and I give him a peck on the cheek.


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