Chapter thirty-eight

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*Jack's pov*
It was around 7 maybe when I was going back home, hopefully hoping not to be late for dinner with my girls. I turn on the radio and stop at a red light.

Once the light turns green I go. Not long after the light a bright light blinds me making me loose control of the wheel. I crash and after that all I see is black, after a couple of minutes I hear sirens. once they arrive I hear them say something "sir, sir can you hear us" they put me into one of the ambulance vans all I could think about was y/n and Katie, my girls.

"y-y/n and k-Katie" is all I managed to say "it's ok sir we got you, we need you to please relax" relax, I'm suppose to be home eating dinner with my family, my two girls whom I love so much instead I got into a car crash.

*Your pov*
"hello?" I say as I answer my phone "Mrs.Gilinsky?" someone says "yes, this is she?" "your husband Mr.Gilinsky, he got into a car accident. he's now been taken into care" she informs me. the words 'he got into a car accident' keep replaying in my head "what hospital" I quickly say "Red Cross" she says "ok thanks I'm on my way" I say before hanging up 'he got into a car accident' oh my, how. 'nothing can happen to him, I'll loose everything. my baby girl will loose her dad at a young no think positive y/n' I say to myself.

I call Bella and she comes as soon as possible "thank you so much" I tell her "yeah don't worry about it, just call me once you know something" she says I weakly smile and nod "Katie honey, I have to go somewhere but Bella will stay here be good. i love you" "ok mommy I love you" she says before I head out the door.

I reach the hospital and go to the front desk "um, um Jack Gilinsky" I say to the lady "are you related to him" "yes I'm his wife" I retort "room 207" she says and I quickly head to look for the room. I found it "Jack, oh Jack" I say my voice shaky. Hours have past by when finally a doctor came in "how is he" i ask very nervously "he suffered serious injuries" I sigh "I'll be back in a couple hours to check on him" the doctor says heading out. I just stay there waiting for a chance just maybe for him to wake up. I call Mrs.Gilinsky to tell her what happened.

*couple days later*
It's been days since he's been here and hasn't woken up. The boys have been here a couple of times, checking on him as well. Katie's came maybe once or twice, she's staying with Bella and I thank Bella she's taking her to school and all. the doctor comes in interrupting my thoughts. "how-how is he doctor" I ask hoping it to be good news "he slipped into a coma and if I'm not lying here, I don't know when he's waking up or if he's going to waking up" seeing him there, lying in a bed all hurt, not being able to move, not being able to hear his laugh, see him smile, makes me more hurt then ever. I start to cry "I'm sorry, we're trying to do all we can" he tells me before checking on him and heading out.

I check the time and it was 1:35pm, crap I need to go pick Katie up. I grab my phone and head out. As I was driving to school all I could think about was Jack and my Katie, I don't like her seeing her dad like this. I arrive at school just in time, I sign her out and take her out to eat "mommy" "yes baby" "how is daddy" she asks, oh how I wished I could tell her that he wasn't fine, that I didn't know if he was going to wake up "he's fine baby, he'll be alright ok" I smile "ok mommy" we grab some food, eat and then head to the hospital. Once we reach his room Katie runs to his bed and manages to climb on it, she was like a little monkey "daddy I miss you" she told him, a tear slipped from my eye.
"bye baby call me if you need anything ok" I say to Katie placing a kiss on her forehead and hugging her. She's been sleeping over at Bella's's funny how something can happen in just one day, the magic of life. I awoke to a beeping sound, I'm guessing I fell asleep. I look over to the monitor thing and the line began to drop, soon it was flat, I call for help and the doctor and nurses come running in, trying to bring him back "come on Jack, come on you can't leave us, not now" I whisper to myself as tears stream down.

oh no! I hate myself now.

If you couldn't tell I'm almost done with the story😏

To much to handle in one chapter

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