Chapter twenty-nine

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-next day-
I woke up with a serious headache. I rub my eyes to see Jack next to me, no clothes, just him, and his boxers. As for me, just in my underwear.


I had no memory about last night and for what it looks like it's not good and tbh I'm scared. scared that I did something with Jack, while Im with Christopher. I put on my clothes and just sat at the corner of the bed thinking and thinking about what I had done or at least trying. I was concerned about how I was going to tell Christopher, or was I?

A lot of scenes came to my mind after trying so hard to remember last night "you're up so early" Jack says holding his head "can you shut the blinds" he says. I get up and shut them, the light was also giving me a headache "Jack" I get the courage to ask him "what happened last night" I say sitting back down at the edge of the bed looking to my feet

"don't you remember" he questions me, remember what? clearly he did "nope" I trail off "we had-" I get up "fuck!" I say. I already knew what he was going to say "what" he asked confused

"Jack I'm dating Christopher!" I yell at him, mad. not at him but myself, for not being aware of last night, not being smart enough "so we both know you don't like him!" he kind of yells back.

"no Jack you're wrong! I do! I don't want him thinking I'm that kind of girl because quiet frankly I'm not!" I yell back at him as my head ached in pain from the yelling "oh so if you so called like him like you say you do you wouldn't have slept with me last night!" he says back to me lowering his voice and getting a hold of his head

"I was drunk! you were drunk as well but not as much as me and you should've done the right thing!" he gets up "you practically begged me!"

shit. did I really ?

"no Jack stop lying" I say not believing him "you did y/n ok? you did! you told me you still loved me, that the reason you're going out with Christopher is because you miss me and-" I cut him off "stop Jack! stop!" I say "no! you asked me to. I kept saying no but you wouldn't take no for an answer if that's what you wanted but I wasn't going to say no because I missed you!" he continues

I leave the room and slamming the door. By the time I was out of the house I was in tears. How am I going to face Christopher when he comes again.

aw, great speaking of him. he was calling me but I just ignored the call. he kept calling me until I finally answered.

-phone call-
me: what.
Chris: woah, sorry bad time?
gosh, he was so sweet and so amazing I can't believe I did that to him. I feel horrible.
me: no, no sorry.
Chris: okay, well I'm getting a one week project in Omaha!
fuck. fuck. fuck.
me: that's great!
Chris: something wrong?
me: nope everything's fine, I'm just surprised but I'm happy.
Chris: great I'll be flying in next week!
me: great, see you then!
Chris: love you.

I have to tell Christopher about what happened between Jack and I. I'm just afraid of all the stuff he might tell me.

-one week later-
Jack and I haven't talked since the day after the party. I know it wasn't all his fault but I couldn't talk to him until I got things straight. On the other hand Christopher was arriving today and I had to be prepared to tell him and take whatever he's going to say to me. I have a really bad feeling it's not going to be good.

"hey" Christopher pulls me into a tight hug "I missed you" he whispered to my ear "me too" I say hugging him back. Tomorrow. tomorrow I'll tell him about what happened.

-next day-
It was already 6pm and I haven't seen Christopher. The door bell rang "coming!" I yell as I get up from the couch, yes I'm being very productive.

i open the door to see Christopher "hey there" I say, I didn't know I was going to tell him now "I love you!" he says "oh ok" I say "hey Chris, I need to tell you something" I lead him to the living room "ok so" I trail off.

"what's wrong?" he asks me "I slept with Jack" I put my head down in shame "you what" he takes everything in "you. you slept with Jack!" he says and I nod "JACK YOUR EX!" he was now screaming in anger "yes!" I yell not to loud

"WHAT HAPPENED TO THATS OVER!" I try to explain but he's so angry "Chris calm down" I say "NO I WONT CALM DOWN YOU JUST SLEPT WITH JACK" he says putting one hand over his mouth. The door bell rang "I'll be back" I say quietly as he stayed in the living room.

"Jack!" I whisper yell "you shouldn't be here it's not a good time!" he totally ignores me and goes into the living room. shit.


oooo stuffs about to happen.

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