Chapter seventeen

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"I call shotgun!" I yell as I run towards jacks car "wow!" Matt yells as I laugh "loser!" I stick out my tongue "you always get shotgun" Johnson frowns "aw don't be sad Johnson" I pretend to care and hug him "haha just kidding you all are losers!" I say and get in the car "aren't you rude" Cameron crosses his arms "ya'll know i love you guys"

"oh wait, where's bella?" Jack asks "over here" she says "hey" I smile to her and she smiles back "where are the rest of the boys?" she asks "they went on separate cars because we don't fit" I say to her.

the only ones inside jacks car was Nash, Cameron, Johnson and Bella. Oh and of course jack and I. the boys and bella were kind of squished because there's only 3 seats In the back but Nash and Cameron refused to go there separate ways.

"cash" I say and they all give me a confused look "you" I point to Nash "and Cameron are cash" they laugh "why" Cameron asks "because you guys are like two gums stuck together!" I laugh and jack laughs "cash huh" Nash says "I like it" he laughs.

he's so tall and handsome as hell he so bad but he does it so well

Bella and I sing along when jack turns off the car "hey!" we both say and then laugh "oh I'm sorry girls but we're kinda here already" he points to the mall "yay!" I say and get off "wait where are the boys?" I look around when I see two familiar cars "just kidding!" I practically yell.

jack and I walk hand in hand to the mall with the rest of the boys/girl. It feels so weird to not be the only girl but I mean I guess that's a good thing because now I can talk about girl stuff to a girl.

"so babe" jack says "yeah?" I ask "when do you have a volleyball game?" oh yeah I play volleyball favorite sport I like soccer as well but I go more for volleyball "um, this Saturday I'm pretty sure why?" I ask. he never asks when I have a game I usually ask him if he can come to them. "oh just" he says.

*jack's pov*

I wanted to ask y/n to prom and to be honest I was starting to have feelings for her which it wasn't suppose to turn out this way. I don't think I've ever talked about the plan I had with some of my friends. not Matt, Nash or them but some jocks from the football team.

the plan was to get someone who was still a virgin and you know and when the moment was right you know you would take it. no hard feelings or anything so it was like a game.

I've done that to a couple girls as well as the other jocks but i don't know I wasn't liking it anymore.

wait what are you thinking jack you've never had feelings for a girl before

I never really liked anyone I mean I think I've liked them but just not the way I feel about y/n. I don't really know how to explain it.

"jack?" y/n says snapping me out of my thinking "hm?" I say "Bella and I are going into VS want to come?" she asks "um, no thanks" I chuckle a little and she laughs "ok see you later" she says and we kiss "yeah" I say.

I feel so bad about the whole game thing but I cant do it because I don't like her I love her. I mean what no I don't. I don't love her.

get it together Jack

"hey jack you ok?" Matt asks "yeah I'm fine" I lied but I wasn't, I was regretting ever making that bet. there's more about the whole thing but I just can't bring myself to say it to her or even think about it.

*y/n's pov*

"jack seems kind of jumpy right?" I ask bella as we walk into VS "yeah actually he does why?" she asks me

If only I knew why

"I'm not sure" I say and I couldn't stop thinking about it. After VS we went to forever 21, then to Abercrombie, then to pacsun, lastly to wet seal. wow we had a couple bags, no more like a lot of bags and my arms were getting tired "how about we go to Starbucks and get something" I ask Bella "yeah and rest" she says exhausted.

we get to Starbucks and we order and sit down "I'm going to text the boys that we're here" I tell Bella and she nods ok. soon after a couple of minutes I saw all the idiots coming towards this way. Matt stopped by some girls and started flirting I guess it seemed like it but once he said goodbye he tripped and I burst out laughing.

I get up and run to him and I laugh "you idiot!" I say still laughing. he gets up "well geez thanks" I laugh "anytime" I say. I go back to sit down with the boys and Bella "seems like you two shopped a lot" Taylor points out.

Bella and I look at each other and laugh "yup, we did and it was fun but exhausting!" Bella says "do you guys do this everyday?" she asks "not really sometimes we go to one of our places to hang out or we go to eat, um" Nash says "the movies, ice cream run, etc." Johnson finishes Nash's sentence.

"oh cool" she smiles and takes sip of her Starbucks. I check what time it is and its already 6:30. Wow we've been here for 2hrs! "I'm ready to go home what about you guys?" I say and they all nod in agreement. I say bye to the boys who weren't coming with jack and I.

"Thanks!" Bella says as she gets off "oh wait Bella!" I say I didn't have her number and I wanted her to hang out with us. it was fun to have a girl around "yeah?" she asks as she gets all her bags "can I have your number" I ask and her face kind of lit up "yeah sure it's 409)629-1038" she says "ok thanks see ya!" jack looks at me "what?" I ask "oh, nothing" he says. ok that threw me of track a little but I shook it off.


the number is made up so yeah! if you're confused I'll talk about the whole game or bet between Jack and the jocks in a few chapters.

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