Chapter two

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he sat next to me and we worked on some labs we got handed. our assignment was we had to work on a project so he would have to come over to my house or vise versa, I didn't mind since one he's new, two like I said before I'd like to know him better. We didn't have to start on the project until about a week. I had him for about 3 of my classes.

It was finally lunch and I went into the cafeteria. I went in and saw Jack with Jack J, Cameron, Nash, Sammy, Hayes, Aaron, Carter, Taylor and Matt. I'm guessing they met already. Jack waved to me and I sat in between him and sammy. The guys all said hi and I said hi back to them , they introduced me to Matt but I said I already met him because we bumped into each other. "so y/n..." Cameron started "who do you like" he smirked, i raise my eyebrow and say "not you" I burst out laughing after he says "hey! I'm a juicy meat ok" "not for me" I say still laughing. He pouts "aw, Cameron you are but here's the thing you're like a brother to me that's why" i say smiling at him.

After a minute or so he responds back "fair enough" he smiles. We were all done eating and we headed out to the school yard. We headed to our usual spot which was by a tree far next to the bleachers we had outside on the football field.

I started going there when I was just new at the school because this place was quiet and well peaceful. When Jack and I became friends I brought him here and told him not to tell anyone about this place because it was and I quote "my place" I laugh when I think about it because I said it was "my place"

anyways then he introduced me to all the boys and I've been hanging out with them at my favorite spot in school with my favorite people.

"now matthew, matt" I began and correct myself "you can not, you hear me can NOT tell anyone about this place because this is my place" I smile and look at the guys and then correct myself "no this is our place" I smile and they give me a smile back "ok I've heard and I now know" "ok cool, welcome to our "group" matthew" I say saying 'group' a little sarcastically.

we were there listening to music , talking, me taking pictures with the guys -happens all the time, everyday- and laughing. just enjoying our company.

soon school was over and I just realized I had matthew in my last period class so technically I have him for 4 of my class periods. we walked out of class together and met the guys infront of the school "so what are we doing today" sammy asks us, we always do something after school unless we're busy.

"let's go to the woods" Jack J suggested they all agreed except me "you guys can go I'll go home because I don't want to get my ass bitten by a bear" I say laughing and not long after they join in.

"oh come on y/n" Jack said to me after a bit of thinking it over I agree "mmm ok but if I get my ass bitten by a bear I'm suing you all" I say pointing to all of them and they laugh but I was not kidding if I did I would.


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