Chapter fourteen

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(If you'd like listen to "idfc by black bear" & "take me to church by hoizer" while reading this chapter)

"so, why'd you want to leave?" Chris asks "oh um, nothing" I say "I've known you for like forever I know that wasn't nothing" he says looking at me as we stop at a red light "it's Jack" he laughs "oh that one guy you're dating" I slightly slap his arm "ok, ok I'm sorry" he says still laughing a little "what's up with you two" I fiddle with my fingers for a bit "he thinks you're more than a cousin, no actually he doesn't even think you're my cousin"

he looks at me for a sec "eyes on the rode Chris" I joke "yeah ok" he looks back at the rode "so he thinks we're a thing or what" he laughs.

geez this boys got a humor.

"yup pretty much" I say fiddling with my fingers "I'll talk to him, if it makes you feel any better" I smile but say no "it's ok, you don't have too" I then hear my favorite song on the radio "I love this song" I put up the radio.

Cause I have hella feelings for you
I act like I don't fucken care
like they ain't even there

cause I have hella feelings for you
I act like I fucken care
cause I'm so fucken scare
I'm only a fool for you

and maybe your to good for me
I'm only a fool for you
but I don't fucken care
at all

Chris and I sang along to my favorite song as we both laugh and then my second favorite song came on.

take me to church I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
offer me that deathless death oh good god,
let me give you my life x2

if I'm a pagan of the good times
my lovers the sunlight
to keep the goddness on my side
she demands a sacrifice
to drain the whole sea
get something shiny..

we sang along to that one as well and then we got home. I was about to get out when Chris said "let's not go home yet" I give him a confused look "where to?" I ask "how about we go to the ice cream place around the corner of Main Street" I smiled "yes!" I loved that ice cream it was like you were eating heaven but even better.

"so I kind of over heard you inviting your friends to come after school" Chris says turning on his car "oh yeah I did to come and meet you" I say and trail off the u

"how about we pick up some snacks and couple of movies so when they come we could have like a marathon movie day or something" I laugh "you're the best cousin you know that right?" he smiles "nope but now I do" we both laugh and turn up the radio, a little too loud but it doesn't matter.

-after school-

I saw I had a message from carter. I slide open my phone to my messages with carter.

carter: hey,Jack can he come over?
shit. I love Jack but his attitude towards Chris is so frustrating.
me: but Chris and Jack, they don't exactly click very well
carter: yeah I know that's what I said but he wants to try him
It's mostly Jack tbh, i don't know why. I mean I guess I do but frick.
me: yeah ok but if he does anything and I mean anything to ruin this I will kick him out and plus why does he want to come.
carter: because you're his girlfriend?
me: um, last thing I remember we aren't anything official.
right? or did he not get the message. I think I'm going with the not receiving the message.
carter: well idk talk to him. we're on our way. see you soon!

I lock my phone and set it down. I was kind of mad "what's wrong" Chris ask as he comes into the theater room "hm, oh nothing just thinking. anyways, the boys are on there way let's get the snacks" he nods "and movies!" he yells "get your lazy butt to the kitchen and help me!" he laughs "ugh,I'm. having. a. heart. attack. help. me." he says and puts his hand on his chest "oh come on" I laugh and he gets up.

"I could've died you know" I playfully slap him on the arm "then whatcha doing here aren't you like suppose to be in a grave yard?" I ask "oh yeah" he says. we both laugh, this reminds me of old days when we were smaller we would have movie nights/marathons

*ding dong*

"I'm going!" I yell as I come out from the kitchen. I open it to the boys laughing "what?" I had whipped cream on my face, whoops.

"you've got a little something" Aaron says as he points "CHRIS I WILL GET YOU BACK YOU LITTLE BASTARD" I yell and go running into the kitchen. I peek out my head from the kitchen "oh you guys can come in" I smile and then laugh. I could hear all the boys laughing as well.

"dam!" Cameron says as he comes into the kitchen "what?" I ask confused "you have a pretty big house" I laugh "yeah" I shrug "where's your mom and family?" Nash asks "aren't you guys full of questions today" I laugh "but they went somewhere, when Chris and I came back home they weren't here"

"where's your bathroom I have to go pee!" Johnson says "go down the hall you just entered turn left pass the theater room and it should be on your right" I say "thanks!" he says as he runs out the kitchen

"ok so now, Chris this is carter, Cameron, Nash, Johnson who just went to the restroom" we laugh "Aaron, Sammy, Taylor, Matt, and" I extend the 'nd' "where's hayes?" I ask Nash "oh he left home, he had a lot of homework" I frown "aw, poor hayes but there's one missing which is hayes" I look around to see no sign of Gilinsky "oh and guys this is Chris" they all do that hands shake thing that boys do.

I think they'll all get along well

"so when does the party start" Johnson comes into the kitchen. we all stay quiet but then burst out laughing. He has a confused look on his face then he looks down to his shoes and he has a long piece of toilet paper.

"way to go" I say still laughing. after we all stopped laughing I go next to the kitchen door "ok whoever gets to the theater room first gets to" I burst out running to the theater room and while running I finish my sentence "choose the movie!" they all come out running behind me.


I might put more of the songs I listen to as I write the chapters? idk maybe ::)

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