Chapter twelve

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I walked home, actually no more like I ran back home "mom I'm home!" my mom comes bursting out of the family room "hey sweetie what took you so long?" she says in between her teeth.

If you yet didn't notice, my moms family was lets just say a little-I'm trying to think of a nice word-bitchy. I know that's not nice but there really isn't a way to say it in a nice way. they always want both of us home whenever they come and don't

"hey aunt Jordan" she was the youngest of them all the little sister obviously not a teenager but she was in her mid 20's.

"omg look how big you've gotten!" she says getting up and pulling me into a hug "yeah, haven't seen you in a while" she laughs "I've been on vacation!" she playfully slaps me on the arm, yet to say not that playfully because it hurt.

"hey aunt Carrie" she was the second oldest, then there was also my uncle Luke, they were two years apart so kinda not that old but old. they were around there 40s I'm positive or older, I don't know?

"hey uncle Luke!" I hug them Both and say hi to my other aunt, aka uncle Luke's wife, Carrie.

oh and my mom she comes after aunt Jordan. they all have kids and they're so annoying! they go in my room and want to touch everything.

one time they broke my full length mirror because they were playing soccer in there like that's why they created a backyard! although there was my favorite cousin, he was just a year older than me and his name was Chris. I loved him full on, he was always there for me.

"no hi for me?" someone says. I get up from squatting down, as Iwas saying hi to my 2 year old cousin, she was probably my only favorite one out off all the kids.

I turn around to see Chris leaning against the family room door "OMG CHRIS!" I practically scream. they all laugh including him and I run to him, he hugs me and I hug him so tight I think I left him without oxygen.I let go and to realize I had a tear down my cheek.

I didn't mention this but I haven't seen him in over 3 years because every time his mom and dad come he doesn't come, so I finally lost hope that he'd come one day. Crazy though right? because we're cousins and I could've called my aunt Carrie but I thought he didn't want to come anymore and not talk to me, i don't know I was 14 when I last saw him-I'm 17 now.

he put his hand on my check and with his thumb wiped the tear away "look how much you've grown" he says smiling "y-yeah" I was holding back the tears, of joy of course "ok you two go ahead into the living room to catch up!" uncle Dan says, Chris dad. "ok" we laugh and head to the living room.

"why do you have a family room and a living room, isn't it the same thing?" Chris asks "um, I explained this to you already" I laugh "no, I mean you did but that was about over 3 years ago!" he says "and plus you guys lived in New York, you guys called the living room the family room but you guys never had separate rooms" he adds.

"ok yeah you're right well to be honest i don't know, we had an extra room and we figured it was a common or 'family' room" I say as I sit on the couch "what why! You guys could've turned it into a theater, have you seen the size of that room! no the size of your house." he says surprised

"haha, yeah it's a little way to big for just me and my mom but my mom got a good job and she's always wanted a house" I say shrugging "that's good!" he says "yeah it is but enough of that talk! let's catch up!" I say. we talked for 2 hours straight. until I got hungry and I wasn't the only one because they all got hungry as well.

"I'm hungry mom" I complain going into the family room "how about you and Chris go buy food and bring it back?" they all suggest "um" I look at Chris for an answer and he nods ok "yeah sure, Panera?" they all agree and we head out the door.

"wow" Chris says as we walk down the street "what?" I ask "this city is so beautiful" I laugh a little "yeah, it is" I say. we get to Panera and order. once we get our order we head back home.

"so, you like it here?" he ask breaking the silence "um, yeah I mean I do miss my friends back in New York and all but I've met some amazing people here as well" I shrug. "oh, that's good" he says and puts an arm around me "let's get home little cousin"

i look up at him because he was slightly taller "I'm only a year younger." I frown "you're still little" he laughed. Chris, he was like a brother to me. we talked the way back until a little bit after a car pulls up next to us.


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