Chapter thirty

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*Jack's Pov*

I was walking around the block because I had nothing to do. I strolled around by where y/n lives, thinking that we haven't talked since the party and we had to talk it out. I was walking by when I see his car. Without thinking I went up to her house and rang the bell I could hear yelling meaning she was probably telling him about that night.

she came to open the door a shock look on her face "Jack! You shouldn't be here it's not a good time!" she whisper yelled, I totally ignored her going into the living room to see a frustrated Christopher "you're the bitch I wanted to see" he says taking a swing at me. I stumble back a bit bleeding from my lip a little, wiping it off a smirk on my face "oh really" I say and take a swing at him. we took it off from there y/n yelling at us to stop.

"Jack stop!" she yells, I could hear the plead in her voice. I stop taking hits at him to look at y/n who's almost in tears. after I realized what I did I felt bad. with no warning what-so-ever Christopher swings at me for the last time hitting my eye making me fall "Christopher!" y/n yells "get out!" she says pointing towards the door "he came at-" without second thoughts she says "get out! now!" as she comes towards me.

"god, look at your eye" she says as she gently puts an ice bag on it "it doesn't hurt really" I say. she gets a wet towel wiping the blood away from my mouth and nose "ouch!" I yelp in pain

"aw now come on big boy" she laughs a little making me smile "do I look real bad" I ask her, she nods yes "but you left him pretty bad too" she assures me, not that I cared but still.

"here take off your shirt" she says helping me take it off "it's filled with blood and if you don't take it of right now I will for sure throw up on you" I laugh at her cuteness "I'm putting this to wash" I grab her hand before she leaves pulling her towards me and I give her a kiss, not that I could but I tried my best "what was that for" she whispers as we're centimeters away from each other's faces "for everything" I say back as she smiles.

*y/n's pov*
"for everything" jacks says as I smile at him "how did I ever get so lucky" I say to him "more like how did I get so lucky" I laugh and give him a last kiss before I leave downstairs to wash his shirt.

I return back with now a clean shirt and see Jack with a pile of movies and junk food. I smile and he smiles back at me "you went to the store" I say "yup oh and I didn't know where your trash goes so" he says pointing to a bag with a couple of broken things they broke "and you cleaned" I smile like an idiot "yes now come on and come sit" he says patting the seat next to him.

-next day-
I woke up to the light of the sun, really sun. I look to my left to see Jack still sleeping and I smile. I get up to make breakfast when he grabs my hand "don't go" he whines "I'm making breakfast" I say "oh!" he says jumping off the couch "well then" I laugh.

I cooked scrambles eggs and bacon. Jack also wanted pancakes so I also had to make them. We ate and when we were done Jack washed the dishes as I cleaned up the kitchen. putting away everything, etc.

once we were done I head upstairs to change into a pair of jeans and a shirt "y/n?" Jack calls out "yeah?" I say back "guess who's here" I don't reply back heading downstairs "who?" I look out the window to see Christopher "hasn't he done enough" I mumble under my breath.

"what are you doing here" I ask crossing my arms as I stand on my porch "about last night" he says "we talked about everything" I snap back at him "no you did I didn't" he remarks


"ok" is all I say "you slept with Jack and I hate you for that" he begins, gosh I was scared to where this was heading to "I now consider you how do you say it a slut although there's many ways to put it" he smirks "oh really, well last time I fucken checked this is my house, my town. you can't come telling me what I am or what I'm not" I retort.

"Its kind of obvious of who you are" he says as I hold back from slapping the shit hole out of him "let's see who haven't you slept with Nash? cameron? oh Matthew huh because he's engaged with your bestfriend. although I doubt that would stop you" he seemed so calm but he was pissing the devil inside me

"let's see Nash? nope I haven't, he's attractive don't get me wrong but don't plan on it. Cameron? very good looking guy which I mean I could if I wanted to. Matthew? maybe if he wasn't my bestfriend because I would rather sleep with any of them then to sleep with you" I say back not actually meaning any of that.

"you see you admit it you're nothing but a little whore" he laughs "oh, really?" I say and slap him. A tear fell from my eye "you've got quiet a hand y/n I got to give you that but oh what would you do if something terrible happened to Jack? huh? or all of those boys you hang out with or Bella, she's very very good looking" he says, what the hell was he thinking "don't you dare mess with the people I love. especially Jack." I angrily say to him.

without notice Jack comes out and yells at him telling him to leave. once he left I stay thinking on what he said

what would you do if something terrible happened to Jack? or all those boys you hang out with or Bella

looks like I'm not getting sleep anytime soon.


woah Christopher, he's a little coo-coo.

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