Chapter thirty-two

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*y/n's pov*

It was 5pm and I had to start getting ready to go out with Jack. I didn't know if we were going out to eat casual or fancy. I decided to text him. Not long after he replies back saying that it was going to be fancy, kinda wished it was casual but I didn't mind.

I decided to go with a red skin tight dress, black open toe booties, black/gold colored earrings, gold colored bracelets, and a fancy like cardigan type thing. I curled my hair but then gently brushed it out to get wavy curls. Then I did all the makeup thing.

"mom?" I call out, it came out more like a question. I reached the kitchen to see a sticky note on the fridge. it was from mom.

hey sweetie,
working late today! I'm not working tomorrow so tell me about your date with Jack! I want to hear it all, good luck. love you lots, take care!
love mom

I smiled. yes I still tell my mom stuff, she's the only thing I've got left since ever. I have Bella, the boys and Jack but my mom will always be the number one person I go to.

I got a black clutch and put my phone, keys and extra money. I don't really have much. Right when I was about to go upstairs the doorbell rings. I open it to reveal the beautiful human being, he was wearing a black button up with kakis, he looked amazing "you look beautiful" he says to me "thanks" I blush "you look amazing yourself" he smiles "shall we go" I nod and close the door behind me.

"well then, ok" I say to Jack as we laugh and leave the restaurant. Apparently Jack and I were being loud so we had to leave, clearly we weren't.

I mean maybe also because we were bothering people with our obnoxious loud laughing, like ok listen here we're guests. plus we weren't laughing loud-maybe we were unintentionally though!

"that was fun" I say to Jack as we walk back to his car "we got kicked out!" He says laughing "yeah well there lose of money" I shrug as Jack laughs "so dinner, how about take out and movie, with comfortable clothes" he says, wow I love this kid more and more each day "sounds good" I smile "great" he says and we head on.

we reached Jack's parents place because he had to grab a thing or two before we went to his place "honey jack!" Jack's mom pulls him into a hug "y/n dear, hello!" she smiles at me and pulls me into a hug "hello Mrs.Gilinksy" I say and smile hugging her back "beautiful as ever I see" she gives me a warm smile and I return it "thank you"

"well mom I'm going to go get a thing in my room" jack says grabbing my hand and heading upstairs "ok!" she yells as we're about to reach his room.

"here" he says throwing me a pillow "for?" I ask "I don't have many pillows at my apartment" he shrugs and I laugh "done" he says and we both head downstairs, saying goodbye to his mom then heading to his apartment.

Johnson was there on the couch with some girl eating their faces off "my room" Jack says "don't eat all of your face, leave some for later" I say as I past by them. They stop and Johnson shoots me a shut up look then continues.

Once we get to jacks room he bursts out laughing "what" I ask "save some for later really?" he says still laughing "well yeah, they were practically finishing each other's faces right now, like what about later? save some!" I say getting out our food, with the still laughing Jack.

after we were finished eating and watching a movie, I rested my back partly on jacks chest with a blanket over us. I grabbed jacks iPad and started playing a couple of games on it.

*Jacks pov*
She laid there, her back partly onto my chest. grabbing my iPad she started playing some games. I admired her as she was there because how did I ever get this lucky, to have a girl like y/n so beautiful, smart, genuine, amazing.

"hey babe" I say but then realize that she fell asleep. I looked at her as she slept, not in a creepy way or anything. I turned off the lights and soon fell asleep too.


so I thought y/n and Jack need a cute moment together type of thing.

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