Chapter seven

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*matts pov*

I could see y/n and Jack from inside of sitting on the couch with the boys. seems as if it was only I was staring. some of the guys were half sober or just tired in general. I couldn't take my eyes off them there was this sting that I wish I can make go away.

"Matt" I hear Carter say "yeah" I say finally taking my eyes of of them "where Jack" he asks I point outside the back door. I was starting to feel exhausted hoping they would come in soon so we can ask Jack if we could stay because we didn't make it clear to him.

*y/n's pov*
we talked for a bit and it felt good. we stood up and head inside. "hey if you guys want to stay here, that's cool their is enough rooms" Jack offers to the boys considering it's about 2 am in the morning "cool because I'm exhausted" Aaron says getting up. they all go to a room, most of them go in with another because there's only so many rooms. of course there's two beds or the floor.

I head into the room Jack said we'd be sleeping in "we?" I ask "yeah" he chuckles a little "there's only one bed y/n and the boys took the rooms with two beds" he tells me "ok" I sigh. I head into the restroom and wash my face.

when I get back Jack is already in bed with no jeans or shirt. I climb into the spot next to him "what are you wearing?" he asks "well gee Jack I don't know, I don't have any extra clothes" I tell him "use my shirt" he points to it, I refuse at first but then agree to it. I really didn't want to sleep uncomfortable.

I put Jack shirt and pull down my skirt only leaving me with the spandex I was wearing underneath my skirt. his shirt when up to half my thighs maybe a little above but it had his scent. it was a nice scent that I wish I could always sleep with his clothes on. when I come out of the restroom Jack was already asleep, he had no shirt on, duh, so I was admiring his perfectly perfect abs.

"coming to bed?" he wakes up "uh, yeah coming" I say and go underneath the sheets. Jack puts his hands on my waist and pulls me closer to him. this felt weird but good at the same time.

I could hear small snores come from Jack as he slept. soon I felt my eyes getting heavy and I let sleep take over. It's been a very long day.


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