Chapter thirty-six

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*y/n's pov*
after a couple months my stomach started growing and growing I felt like a hippo but it was finally the day to go to the doctor and see what's coming.

a girl or boy, I was very excited I really wanted a boy but at the same time a girl. surprisingly Jack wanted a girl but he said if it was a boy he'd love him as much as he would if it was a girl. I wouldn't doubt it one bit.

he was being so nice, very gently with me and taking care of me "babe ready to go!" he calls out from downstairs "yup" I say coming down as he runs up the stairs to help me "I'm fine, I can get down by myself" I laugh as he helps me get down "still you know, just in case" he smiles at me. we get down and we head out to the doctor.

"hello Mrs.Gilinsky I'm Dr.Grier" she says writing down something on her clipboard with papers on it "um can I ask you a question?" I ask her "sure" she smiles putting on gloves "by any chance is Hayes Grier your husband?" I haven't seen him in like forever, actually since high school. He was just a year younger then all of us and when I left to college I've never seen him, all I knew was that he moved to California for college and permanently stayed here

"actually yes" she says "do you know him?" she asks as she turns on the screen thingy "yeah I do we would always hang out with his brother and friends. I haven't seen him in a long time" I say to her as I laid down "well you should come visit" she offers "maybe next time but could you say hi for me" I say to her as she finishes "sure and I'll be back I have to go get the results" she smiles, I nod and she exits the door.

she comes back "well the gender is"

*Jack's pov*
wow they've been in there for a long time. finally for what seemed like forever she came out and we headed out "want to know?" she asks me smiling "no I want it to be a surprise" I tell her still my eyes on the road as I reach for her hand "are you sure" she asks me "yes baby I'm sure" I kiss her hand "ok" she giggles.

"alrighty home now or?" I ask her "or hey how about we go buy the things for the nursery" I suggest she agrees but then "I thought you didn't want to know its gender" she tells me "well then don't buy anything to do with pink or blue" I laugh "how about yellow or green or purple" she tells me "oh come on over these past months you said if it's a boy the nursery will be blue or if it's a girl it'll be pink so jokes on you" I say to her "fine let's go" she says.

after multiple shopping we got everything and headed home. I called matt if he could come on and help me unload the stuff and he agreed. soon everything was in the room. Matt and Bella stayed for a while until they decided to leave "well we should go right honey" Bella tells us and then looks at matt

"yeah we should it's getting pretty late, Dean!" he says and calls out to dean "oh no! stay for dinner" y/n offers "yeah you guys should stay" I tell them "no really it's fine we should get going plus Dean needs his sleep" Bella tells us "ok be careful" y/n sighs. after we ate dinner we head on upstairs to get ready to sleep.

*y/n's pov*
I awoke pretty early maybe around 8 in the morning and decided to head into the nursery to get it ready. the crib was already built so all I had to do was put the sheets, which were plain white bc Jack still doesn't want to know the gender.

I stacked some diapers and some wipes under the changing thingy. I finally finished but it looked boring plain white. The crib was white but I liked it except for the walls and the sheets. I just couldn't wait for him to know the gender bc I really wanted to put color in this room.

"honey" Jack says in his morning voice as he rubs his eyes "what are you doing on here so early" he asks me "well I'm fixing the room but I can't put color in it because someone doesn't want to know the gender" I say exaggerating

he laughs "sorry babe" I walk out into the kitchen Jack following "I'm making French toast with a side of eggs ok?" I tell Jack he nods ok and takes out the plates and silver wear. along with that he takes out the Orange juice and cups, he pours us both some orange juice and after I'm done cooking we eat.

once we're done eating I clean up while Jack washes the dishes "ok honey I'm going to work" he says placing a kiss on my lips "be careful" I say to him, he smiles blowing me a kiss and heads out. It was January 25th, wow nine months have really past by that fast.

that night maybe around midnight i started to feel pain, very bad pain.


baby gilinsky is going to be born!

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