Chapter 24: What's With People and Trying to Kill me Today?

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~Chapter 24: What's With People and Trying to Kill me Today?~

My heart raised as my fingers dug into the leather seat of the midnight black car. I was surprised when Nora let go of me. My eyes darted to Landon as the door closed behind him. The car raised forward and I noticed what Nora looked so horrified about. "You were hit." She whispered.

Oh my goodness. He'd been shot.

Nora tore a piece of her jacket and pressed it to Landon's side - where he'd gotten shot. Blood seemed to drip from the seat. I shivered, trying hard not to get sick at the sight of it. Goddamn, why was this happening to us?

Tears strode slowly down Nora's face. It was the first time I'd ever seen her cry. I knew that this was serious. This wasn't something to joke about. We either lived, or we died.

The driver seemed to floor the peddle on the car. I flew backwards and turned to look out of the window. I noticed what he was trying to get away from. Jarod was behind us with one of his gits in the passenger's seat.

The man in the passenger's seat held a small hand gun. "He's got a gun!" I screamed, throwing my arms over my head. But, it was obvious as gunshots sounded. Nora ducked and pulled Landon down with her.

What had we done to them? What had we done to deserve this? We hadn't done anything at all, but go to class. Okay, I'd gotten knocked up, but that wasn't the point...was it?

"Hold on, kids." The driver mumbled, lulling the car to a skid as he rounded the corner, passing a red light. People honked and cursed us as we went by. I bit down on my lip. I couldn't help my tears.

Nora's eyes met mine. "We need to go to the hospital!" She nearly screamed through a tear-coated face. The driver ignored her until she yelled again. "Now!"

"We can't, okay? If you don't want to die, we can't!" The man hissed as more shots sounded. The tires squealed as he accelerated the speed. I looked at Nora. She sobbed and held Landon close to her. I knew that this was serious. I'd never seen Nora cry since I'd met her. She was strong. She was that girl that everyone wished they could be. Open minded and bold. And now she was crying. It was obvious that she was in love with Landon.

"We have to!" Nora cried.

"Nora...Calm down, I'll be fine."

"Fuck, Landon! No you won't! You got shot!"

Landon chuckled, then coughed. "Way to get a man's spirit up."

I thought that Nora was going to smack Landon for trying to be funny, but her head turned as more shots fired at the car, piercing the back window.

My heart pounded loudly against my ribs. The babies seemed to hate me right now, as they kicked like crazy. I held my large stomach in my arms and winced. Damn it, girls. Do we have to do this now?

I tried to take deep breathes, but they didn't work. The tires squealed once more and we pulled into a dark alley. "Quiet," the driver whispered. He reached up and turned the lights off, holding a gun tightly in his hand.

I closed my eyes, trying my hardest to slow my breaths. I couldn't see anything except the entrance. I glanced behind me, noticing that there was no way out. We were trapped if they decided to spot us.

That was it. We were going to die. All seven of us. Landon, Nora, the guys in the front, my babies and me. They were going to take us, and do God knows what to Nora and I. I shivered at the thought.

I could see my breath in front of me in a long, white cloud. The black car slid slowly by the alley. I let my breath out, relief filling my lungs. They were gone. We were safe. We could get to the hospital and get Landon help.

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