Chapter 16: Condoms, Birth-Control, and Derek's eyes

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*Don't Trust the Players*

*Chapter 14: Condoms, Birth-Control, and Derek's eyes*

It didn't exactly go as I'd planned, really. I wanted badly to talk to Derek, but every time I looked at him, he'd be looking somewhere else, or locked with my gaze. I saw the mounds of hurt in his eyes, and I wanted to comfort him more than anything in the world.

Don't Trust the Players, Winnie. Don't you see what it's done to you? My mind continued to taunt me every day until I finally said to hell with it.

Garrett walked by me as I walked towards my dorm. I didn't see him. His long fingers wrapped around my wrist and pulled me away from the door, causing me to drop my keys on the ground. I let out a screech as he spun me around, chuckling. "Relax, little-bit, it's just me." I cringed at the sight of him. It was two weeks ago that I'd woken up naked next to that man. It had ruined everything.

"What do you want, Garrett?" It came out as a hiss. His grasp was starting to make my arm grow numb. "Let go of me...You're hurting me...."

"What do I want?" Garrett chuckled, his lips curling into a seductive smile. "Why haven't you talked to me? What is this, a fuck and dump?"

My heart began to skip numerous beats at a time. Guilt began to tug at my stomach like a hungry bear. I couldn't face him, let alone face the boy I... "Nothing happened, all right? It was a mistake..." I whispered, tears clouding my vision.

Garrett looked upset at what I'd just said, but I didn't care. "I didn't wear a condom, did I?" I looked up at him, and our eyes met. He stared at me for a moment, his hands pressed to his face. He ran his fingers through his blonde hair before looking back up at me.

I shook my head in response, remembering it all inch by inch. I shivered.

"You on birth control?" My eyes widened. I giggled. Who had ever heard of someone getting pregnant on their first time? I knew it was possible, but it wasn't likely. At least I didn't think so.

"No." I rolled my eyes, but his widened.

"Fuck, Winnie! You didn't tell me that! I would have worn one! Shit!" Garrett was freaking out. It had been two weeks since we'd done the deed, and he was scaring the living hell out of me right now. "Shit, fuck, damn it! What if you get pregnant, huh?" His fist banged against the wall. I winced.

"Hush up! Silver and Drom are inside, they'll hear you!" My heart sped. I kept taking glances at the door, expecting someone to pull it open and scream at Garrett.

Garrett's lips curled into another one of those creepy smirks. "You haven't told them yet, have you?"

I gulped and stared up at him. I didn't have time to answer. Derek walked through the doors and headed down the hallways towards us. I spat a curse and pushed Garrett away from me. "Leave me alone, asshole!" I said before picking up my keys and watching the guy I really loved walk past us. Derek glanced back and our eyes locked for a moment. The tears that had welled up began to run and I thrust the door open. Fuck this. Fuck life. I wanted my Derek back.

"Fuck you Garrett..." I whispered, walking into my dorm and closing the door. Tears ran down my cheeks as I slid down the door, hugging my knees and staring off into space. "I love you, Derek...Come back...." I covered my face with my hands, not noticing that Silver had secretly heard everything that had happened.


I didn't deserve this. I didn't deserve to be the leader of the Purity club when I'd just lost my virginity two weeks ago to some player. What was rule number one again? Oh yes, don't trust the players.

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