Chapter 20: Garrett May Be the Father, but Derek has the Brains

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~Chapter 20: Garrett May Be the Father, but Derek has the Brains~

"What? Oh, yeah, I can go to the appointment with you," Derek's smooth voice rolled over my ear. I giggled and looked up at him. His lips rose into a large smile. I hadn't seen Nora in a while. She probably hated me by now.

"It's in twenty minutes, you know that right?" The door opened and Silver walked in. I still hadn't told her or Andromeda about my pregnancy. I let my green eyes lock with Derek's. He nodded, understanding what I needed. To talk to my girl alone, and hopefully get her back as my friend. Because the last thing I needed was to be alone in this. He turned and walked out, kissing my cheek.

"Meet you in the parking lot." I nodded and looked at Silver as she came out of the bathroom.

"Ew! Gross! It smells like puke in here!" I felt my cheeks flush with color as the girl stuck her nose into the air.

"Silv...Can I talk to you? Please?" Silver stopped and looked at me for a moment. I could see the desire to say yes in her eyes. She hardened and nodded her head slowly, sitting down on the couch as I sat beside her. I didn't know how to tell her this.

"I'm P-"

"Pregnant, I know, Win. I'm not stupid." Silver looked at me, her eyes full of sympathy. I hadn't known it was so obvious. I looked at my stomach, but it wasn't as big as possible. Maybe five or six inches.

"How did you-"

"Winnie, do you honestly think that Drom and I are that stupid? We're blonde, but not stupid!" Silver shook her head, letting her eyes trail down to my stomach. "You've been puking every other hour, eating out our fridge, and sleeping like a damn Koala."

I couldn't help but giggle at the fact that she was right. How could I have been so stupid to think that my friends were dumb enough to not know? But the real question was, did I still have a friend?

"Silver...I'm keeping this baby," I whispered, looking at the ground, "and I hope you'll be there for me...." I sighed, looking at the blonde girl. "I'm sorry for everything I've done. I made a mistake, and I can't take it back, but I'm not sorry I'm having this baby," I looked down at my stomach for a moment, then back up. "I don't know what Garrett's going to say, but I know if he won't be there, Derek will...And I need you, Silv. You're my best friend...Please...."

Silver looked at me. I could see that she was tearing up. I sighed deeply, looking down at the still ground. I felt arms wrap around me, and turned my head to see the girl embracing me into a hug. I shuddered and slung my arms around my friend before the door burst open and Andromeda stepped in.

I looked up at the girl with pleading eyes, but she didn't even glance at me. I could tell that she was still upset. I stood up. I wasn't going to let this go on any longer. It was time to face what had happened. What I'd done to lose my friend's trust.

"Andromeda, we need to talk."

"I have nothing to say to you, Winnie!" She spat, throwing her bag down into a corner. I narrowed my eyes. Never. Mess. With. A. Pregnant. Woman.

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