Chapter 8: What the Hell!?

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*Chapter 8: What the Hell!?*

"Ugh! Silver, Andromeda, please get your brother off of me!" I squealed as the boy's arms wrapped around my waist. I poked my lip out, squirming as I tried to get lose.

"Clark! Go get horny off of someone else's friend, would you?" Silver cried. Clark's pale blonde hair fell over his face, and hit mine, covering his green eyes on its way.

"Come on, Win, you drive me crazy. Why won't you just give me a chance?" I felt a bit bad for him. He wasn't exactly the cutest guy in the world and never had been. I felt mean for saying that.

"For the love of God, Clark, come on!" Andromeda said, grabbing his arm and pulling him off of me.

"And to think you're older than us." Silver scoffed, pursing her lips. Yes, this crazy kid was two years older than the twins and I.

"You're just mad because I'm awesome like that!" Clark grinned at his sister, pushing his hair back. Silver and Andromeda both nodded at the same time.

"Yes, yes Clark, that's what's happening." Drom sat down on the sofa and I hoped up.

"Got to go!" I had no clue where I was going, but I wanted away from them.


I knocked on Derek's dorm door quickly. "I'm coming!" I heard someone yell. Footsteps came closer and closer until they stopped before the door. The door opened, but I wasn't expecting to see Garrett. I blushed deeply as his tempting eyes stared down at me. "Are you going to say something, or just stand there and look embarrassed?"

"I...." My throat went dry as he chuckled at my embroidered face.

"Spit it out, small fry," Garrett smirked.

"Is Derek here?" I glanced inside of the dorm curiously and watched Garrett's eyebrows rise.

"No. Why, do you need something?” He smiled, leaning against the wall. He looked down at me with solemn eyes.

"Just wanted to see if he wanted to hang out or do something tonight, but-" I was cut off by Garrett pulling me into the dorm. A loud squeak came from my throat.

"Come in. I won't bite. Well...not hard." I wasn't too comfortable with being near Garrett, even though he was hot as heck. His nose was still messed up from Nora socking him in the face.

I giggled to hide my confusion. "All right, I'll stay. What do you have in mind?"

Garrett reached forward and pushed my red hair out of my heated face. My green eyes locked with his gorgeous blue ones. They were like a spell. Maybe he was a vampire. I smiled at my stupid thought.

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