Chapter 6: Punch, Punch, Meow

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~Chapter 6: Punch, Punch, Meow~

~Winnie's P.O.V.~

I was sitting on my bed, reading a book, when there was a 'BANG,' on the door, and I nearly fell off of my bed from a heart attack. "Winnie! Come quick!" I heard Silver scream. I was stunned, put stumbled up quickly, tripping over my own feet and falling on my knees.

"Oh, shoot!" I squealed, rubbing at my knee. I pushed myself up quickly and took a deep breath before stepping out of the door, and closing it behind me. I could hear commotion coming from the upstairs. I wondered what in the dickens was going on.

I stalked up the stairs after Silver. "Wait up!" When I got to the top of the stairs, I paused. There was a large group assembled at the door I remembered to by Nora's. I moved closer, pushing people out of my way to see what was happening. Phones flashed and snapped as I found my way to the front.

My jaw dropped as I saw the pictures posted on the wall. My heart pounded. I knew that Nora wouldn't put these up herself. I put two fingers in my mouth, and wolf whistled loud enough for people to cover their ears. "Listen up!" I squealed before ripping down most of the pictures. "What the hell do you people think you're doing, hm?" I asked, scoffing. I took the last picture down and held them tightly in my hand.

"Have you seen those pictures? Damn, that bitch is one hot ass!" Someone yelled.

I teared up. Who could do something so horrible to Nora? I started to cry from the horrible scam. "Go!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, tears coming faster. "Go on! All of you! Go!" They did. With horror struck faces, they all retreated.

There, in the middle of the crowd, stood Nora, her face staying at the door. I sniffled and walked to her, hugging her tightly. "Who did this to you?" No words came from her mouth just yet. She laid her head on my shoulder, and I kissed the top of her head, though I was a wee bit shorter than her. "Tell me." I whispered. I looked over to see Silver's hand on her heart.

"Is it our turn to kick someone's ass?" She asked, shaking her head. Silver grabbed the pictures from my hand and ripped them up, one by one. Nora stayed silent. She didn't cry. She seemed to be in a state of shock. Was it that Lacey girl that did it? I needed to know, so I could confront them.

"It's nothing. Remember that douche of a boyfriend I told you about?" Nora scoffed. "I guess payback's a bitch." She shrugged, and I didn't understand... "There's no need for crying, Kitten." She said, hugging me gently. She looked at the other girl, who's face was struck with horror. "By the way, Kitten, this is Janine. This is...Kitten's friend." Nora gestured towards Silver.

"It's Silver." The girl said, smiling a bit at the other one. Janine nodded, opening the door to their dorm. I was shocked that someone would go so low to put up dirty pictures of someone. But, I was also shocked that they were sent. I sighed as Silver grabbed my hand in hers gently.

I looked at Nora. "Are you okay?" I knew it was a dumb question to ask. Who was okay after having everyone see their naked body?

"I'm fine." Nora said, taking a deep breath. "I'm going to go to bed. I'm tired." And she went into the room. Janine gave us both a little nod, and went into the dorm, closing the door. I looked at Silver, wiping my wet face.

"Come on, Win, let's go to bed too." I nodded, remembering we had class in the morning. The time was almost 10, which wasn't too late. The truth was, I was as tired as a bull after a rodeo.

We got to our dorm, after walking up the stairs - which wasn't the easiest thing to do when you're half asleep. I crashed onto my bed,and curled into a ball. It wasn't long until I fell asleep.

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