Chapter 10: Well, isn't this the perfect Fairytale?

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*Chapter 10: Well, isn't this the perfect Fairytale?*

Aaron walked back into the room after ordering Nora and his own food. "What the hell, where'd Nora go?" He asked, letting his eyes rest on me. I let my knees dangle down, and pushed myself up out of my chair.

"She told me to tell you that she had to work. Bring her food there." I bit my lip and looked up at the boy. His eyes were like aqua, they were pretty, I had to admit. "I got to go." I said before swinging around and walking towards the door. I glanced back and Aaron waved to me before I left.

When I got outside, I wasn't ready for what I caught. It was pouring down rain! It hadn't been when I first walked out. I got a few paces before the drops starting pounding against my red hair. I screamed and covered my head. "My hair!" I quickly ran for cover. I groaned and leaned against the side of a building. This building had a sun-catcher, so I was safe under it.

I rubbed my face with my wet hands slowly. My eyes dropped to look at my hands. My make-up was scattered over my hands. I was sure that I looked like shit, but who cared? All I could think about was Derek, Derek, Derek. Had I hurt him? Had I upset him? Well Duh...I knew that I had upset him.

I slid down the brick wall of the building into a sitting position and stared at the ground. I'd never liked rain...but tonight, for some reason, it was beautiful to me. It sounded so soothing that it calmed my nerves. It was as if I was in a movie, and the love scene was playing. The nice music starts playing, and then the kiss...And the end credits. Where were my end credits?

I closed my eyes, thinking about Derek. Where would he go when he was upset? Did I know him well enough to say? The truth? No, I didn't.

I leaned my head against the building. Oh lord, it was cold out...I didn't care. Garrett was He was sexy, and cute, and....well, he was a good kisser. Derek...Derek was everything I wanted. He was my smile most of the time. When I was with him, I couldn't help but laugh. What the hell was wrong with me? My heart sang when I saw him. My eyes sparkled when he said my name. Yet, I was being a chicken.

"What's wrong with you, Winnie? You're such a wimp," I whispered to myself. Tears started streaming down my cheeks, though they were already wet from the rain. I laid my head on my knees and stared ahead.

My head lifted as I saw a shadow zip by me. I blinked and pushed myself up, staring after the person that had ran the other way. The rain continued, but I didn't mind. What was I going to do? I stepped out from under the sun-catcher and onto the grass. The rain poured down onto my head roughly.

I walked after the person, and noticed that it was just who I was looking for. "Derek!" I yelled, but the boy didn't turn around. I ran, my feet sloshing in the grass that was transforming into mud. "Derek!" I called once more, running faster until I got behind the boy. I tugged on his arm, and he spun around.

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