Chapter 30, Part 1: Burst, Pop, Snap!

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*Don't Trust the Players*

*Chapter 30, Part 1: Burst, Pop, Snap!*

I patted my belly, staring at myself in the mirror. I don't think a hippo had this many stretch marks. My finger poked my bellybutton. A chuckle sounded behind me. I could see Derek standing in the mirror behind me. His black hair covered his eyes, as he leaned down, planting a delicate kiss on my cheek.

“Why are you so worried about how you look, Win?” His lips grazed the back of my neck.

“Because, I'm fat. Look at me. How can you even love something like this?” I shook my head with a long sigh.

“First of all, you're growing two little people in there. Second, I think you're beautiful.” Derek reassured me. He spent the next twenty minutes telling me how gorgeous I was.

After I took a quick shower, I pulled on a pair of my new maternity jeans, and a yellow top that usually would be a dress on me. So much for that.

Silver and Andromeda had been doing almost everything for me, since I only had a week left. They would even buy me numerous books, which I was too scared to even try to look at.

“Cone on, Winnie! They'll be here any day now! What are you going to name them?” Andromeda poked her lip out, tilting her head to the side. I smiled.

“I can't tell. It's a secret.”

The two sisters groaned and gave up. It seemed that all of the talk now, was about the twins. Silver was hung on buying them matching outfits, complete with matching bows. Of course, they had to be pink.

I tried to protest, but they continued to buy things for us. And all the while, I hadn't told them, nor Derek, that Garrett wanted to take care of the babies. I had a feeling that Derek wouldn't be okay with it. Here he was, trying to be the best dad, while the maniac that stabbed him wanted to do the same.

I forced myself not to worry much. Too much stress would send me into an early labor. The days passed quickly. Soon, it was close to time for the Melody ball.

“You can't go, Winnie! You're about to-” Derek began, but I cut him off.

“If you say anything along the lines of burst or pop, you'll be the one in labor – not me.”

Derek chuckled and wrapped an arm around me. I poked my lip out, trying to look as cute as possible. “Come on, Der. I just want to have a little fun. I'll take it easy. I promise!” Derek hesitated for a moment before sighing.

“All right. But you have to stay close by, so if-”

“I know, I know. So if my water breaks, I'll be near you.” I gently laid my head on Derek's chest, feeling every move as he breathed. I closed my eyes, listening to his heart beat before he spoke again.

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