Chapter 2: She Saved Me

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In case you've forgotten! Me and my besty, Angela(BlAckRoSe7777777) are co-writing this book together. Fun, I know, we're wonderful like that XD Well! We loves ya all, and you better read <~< >~> Or else....: D I'm only kidding! Don't take it personally! LOL. Anyways, hope you enjoy :D

*Chapter 2: She Saved Me*

Superman? This girl wasn't far from it. I stared at her with wide eyes, my clothes on the floor. All I wore was my bra and panties, which made me feel pretty embarrassed. I was caught by shock. Not only the shock that some man tried to rape me, but the fact that a girl kicked his ass! It wasn't exactly something you saw every day.

I noticed that my mouth was ajar, and closed it quickly, a blush set on my cheeks. "Th...Thank you..." I whispered, pushing my soaking wet hair out of my face. Man...That was my favorite shirt too. I wished that I could have worn that t-shirt that said 'I hate you,' on it. So much uglier than this one.

"So, that asshole, is he your boyfriend? Do you know him? I need to put a name on the face I'm gonna screw up tomorrow." I looked up into her blue eyes and nodded. I felt safe. "Do you know that douche's name?" Shivers seemed to come like air, and I nodded once more.

"His name is Derek." I remembered him shoving me into the room, and locking the large door behind us. I wondered how the girl had kicked it open, but I figured I'd never find out. "Um...I'm Winnie...What's your name?"

My red hair fell over my face with the breeze from the window. I shivered once more, covering my half-naked body from the girl that had just saved me from being raped. "Well, officially, it's Nora, though others have less complementary names for me, but I digress. How'd you get in here? Tell me everything, and don't leave out all the gory details. They're my favorite."

I started from the beginning of my day. "My roomies, Silver and Andromeda, well, Drom for short, but anyways. They invited me to a party tonight, at some guy named Daren's dorm. Being stupid me, I accepted the invite." I took a deep breath, keeping myself covered. I felt slightly uncomfortable. "So, we go to this party. I wore my favorite shirt - hence favorite - and we started dancing with these guys. They seemed nice at first...Andromeda went to one of the dude's rooms. I was left alone, since Silver was with her boyfriend."

I flipped my hair out of my face, standing up slowly. I stumbled and Nora caught me before I could fall. I smiled. "Thank you...."

"Gravity's a bitch. Go on." She led me to a chair, which I sat in.

"So, I was dancing with Derek, and he asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. I thought what the heck, why not. It was getting stuffy in there. So, I went with him for a walk. I didn't mind his arm around my waist for a while, it made me feel okay." I sighed deeply. "When we got near your dorm, he pushed be against the wall, and we started making out. It made me feel uncomfortable, but he was stronger than me..." My eyes closed as tears welled up. "So, the door was unlocked...I don't know why...But...he pushed me in, shut it, and locked it. Then, he became rough."

Tears splattered onto the floor as I took a deep breath. Nora wrapped an arm around me soothingly. Her black hair pressed against my red and we hugged. Although I didn't know this superwoman, I knew that I liked her. She'd saved me, and I was grateful for Nora. Though, we knew each other for so little of time, I think we understood each other in a way.

My reputation - the smallest girl in school. Yes, I was short, and frankly, I didn't give a damn. Everyone messed with me about it, but it doesn't really matter, when you learn to ignore them, like I do. Being short wasn't a disadvantage, alright? If you're short, you know how I feel.

Nora and I headed back to my dorm. I smiled at her respectfully. Of course, she'd given me a spare robe she'd kept in her room. I didn't really fancy going across campus with my underwear and bra on, though what other choice did I have?

I knocked on the door. "It's open!" I heard Silver squeal, giggling nonstop. Nora pushed the door open.

"What the hell is-" She stopped as she saw the scene before her. "Good God!" Silver's boyfriend was on top of her, the boy's hands on her waist. You could tell that they were drunk. I looked around, but there was no sign of Andromeda. Silver's blonde hair fell over her face, her tight bra around her chest, just enough so that her breast weren't popping out...yet. "Just what I need to end the night. If they start going at it like rabbits, I'm calling a priest."

I couldn't help but giggle. Silver grunted. She was obviously drunk, as well as Kyle, her boyfriend. "What happened, Winnie? Where are your clothes?" I looked down at myself, almost forgetting that I was only wrapped in a thin robe.

So, I told her the story, just like I'd told Nora - Well, the short version anyways. Though, Silver didn't exactly listen most of the time. She was too busy trying her damnedest not to through up all over Kyle. "Wow, Win, are you okay!?" She attempted to hug me, but I didn't accept it, afraid of being splattered with her earlier dinner, and the amount of substance she'd drank.

"So, Winnie. Maybe you and your sex-drive of a friend might want to meet me for lunch tomorrow?" I pushed my short hair away from my face, and nodded with a smile.

"We'll be there. Hopefully without the drunkenness," I mumbled, glancing at Silver, whom had already passed out....On MY bed... "Would you move her?" I turned to Kyle, who about passed out next to her. "Dang it!" So, I decided I'd take a shower, and sleep in Silver's bed.

Nora left, and I hopped into the shower. The steam filled the room in a matter of minutes, which calmed my nerves. As I walked out, I decided something for myself. Maybe Nora was right in some ways. Maybe the church was somewhere I needed to be....


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