Chapter 26: They Aren't Going to Go Easy

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*Don't Trust the Players: Chapter 26: They Aren't Going to Go Easy*

I stared at Derek's face as they took him away. My heart must have shattered into a million pieces, because I couldn't breathe. My chest fluttered. I heard Nora speak, but I didn't hear what she'd said. I felt an arm wrap around me, and looked up to see the shadow of Aaron. My eyes dropped to the ground. You could say I was in my own world.

Was Derek going to be okay? Was he going to live to see me give birth to our twins? I sighed. He might not. Now Garrett was probably in jail, or something like that.

I snapped out of my trans as I saw handcuffs being put on Nora. I gasped. "What are you doing!? Where are you taking her!?" I squealed, though it was obvious as to where she was going.

"Be quiet little girl, or you'll be going after her." The detective stated. I let my eyes slide back down to their standing spot, saying no more. Aaron's arm - I think - wrapped around my shoulders. My eyes fluttered with utter shock. Why were they taking her, if it wasn't her fault?

I didn't want to think about it anymore. What else was there to lose? Derek was stabbed, Nora was being taken away, and Landon was in the hospital and all I knew was that he was 'stable.' What a day this was going to be. I was running on nearly four hours of sleep. All three of us were.

I shuddered and closed my eyes for a moment. I pressed my hands together and bit down on my finger tips, trying my hardest to force back tears, but they came against my will. Please let my Derek be okay, and Nora too. I'm sorry for everything I've done, but please, help them....

I must have been really tired, because that was the last thing I could remember.


*Derek's P.O.V.*

My head felt like a thousand tons. My eyes fluttered open slowly, looking at the machine beside me. The beeping was seriously getting annoying, and I'd just woke up. I wished they would just...make it talk or something, instead of beeping like an ego maniac. I looked around, but there was no one in the room.

I sighed and attempted to push myself up, only to fall back down again. "Shit," I mumbled as pain struck my stomach. I couldn't even imagine eating...oh that would hurt. Badly.

The door opened and my head shot towards the door, locking with the knob as it twisted with a small squeal. Winnie walked into the room, and my heart nearly jumped from my chest. Her eyes met mine and she burst into tears, throwing herself at me.

I winced as she hit my wound, but it didn't matter. "Shh, it's all right, Win. Don't cry. I'm fine." My arms twisted, pulling her close to me as I ran my fingers through her red locks.

"I was so scared. Oh, Derek...." Winnie's arms wrapped tightly around my neck as her pink lips ran into my own. I let my eyes close, running my fingers swiftly to her waist. I smiled, feeling the babies hitting against my hand. She didn't wince, nor did she seem to notice that they were making moves.

"No need to be afraid. I'm fine. See?" I lifted up the gown, showing her my stomach - forgetting that I had no boxers on. Her face heated as she looked away, letting out a giggle.

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