Chapter 14: It's Not What You Think....

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~Chapter 14: It's not what you think....~

~Winnie's P.O.V.~

I took a deep breath as the first meeting ended. My red hair was pulled back into a small ponytail. It'd gone pretty well. I was surprised at how many people had come, and happy as well. I'd planned for days and days to make this day perfect, and it had been.

I stood up and dropped my book. "Fiddle." I mumbled, bending down casually to pick it up. A hand reached out and took the book before I could. I looked up to see Garrett in front of me.

"The Outsiders, eh? That sounds like a chick-flick." I narrowed my eyes, tearing the book from his hands. It was my favorite book, and I hated when people made annoying comments about it, when they had no business to do so.

"For your information, it's anything but that." I scoffed and turned away from him.

"Hey, where are you going?" A long arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer to Garrett. He spun me around and smiled. "How about you come over to my house, hm?" I shivered and pushed him away from me.

"Stay away from me, Garrett." I turned around and headed towards Derek instead. I used to think that Garrett was the cute one that I'd kill to be with, but I saw differently now. Now that I knew how much of a jerk he was, I only saw one guy anymore. Derek.

Derek, well, he took the shy away from my Winnie. He was, well, he was Derek. Sweet, talented, and he was soothing when things went wrong. Nothing made me smile more. If I didn't know better...I'd think I was falling in love.

"Are you alright?" Derek's voice sounded in my ear. I jumped and looked up to see the black-haired-beauty. I looked into his blue eyes, which made me blush almost instantly. "You look upset or something..." He tilted my head up as I tried to look away, and stared at me before letting our lips touch.

My cheeks flushed as the rest of my body turned pale. "I'm all right, hon." I couldn't help but giggle at the feeling of his lips.

A wolf whistle came from behind me, and I turned to see Nora. "Ooo, Kitten's getting it on with Giant!"

"Nora!" I Squealed, turning a darker shade of red.

"Hey...wait! I'm not a giant!" Derek yelped, pushing his lips. "I'm more of a....Big Friendly Giant." He looked up for a moment, trying to decide if that sounded right to him, and nodded. "Yep."

I shook my head and grabbed Derek's hand. "Coming over, Nora?" I glanced at the boy that was near her. "Oh, and bring your little cute friend too." I winked at her. I could tell that she liked him, or so I hoped! He'd be perfect for her, I swore!

"Him? He's not my friend."

"I beg to differ," the boy interrupt, "that wasn't very nice, Nora. You should learn to play nice."

Nora looked at him as if he was a disgusting bug that needed to be killed. "Bite me"

"I've tried. You won't let me!"

I snorted as Derek wrapped an arm around me. "See you there." We walked away from the theater and onto the campus, hand in hand. Silver and Andromeda - who wasn't too fond of me at the moment - had already gone back to the dorm.

Derek's fingers ran along the top of my hand, slowly. I looked down at our hands as we walked calmly. The wind was blowing roughly, and tore at my face. I shivered and wrapped my free arm around myself. The sky was black as the moon fell over the sun. My heart was speeding, but this wasn't anything different when I was near Derek. Our fingers entwined, twisting around each other like corresponding wires.

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