Chapter 10

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Hey, I hope you enjoyed Chapter 9. Now here's Chapter 10. I hope you enjoy it. I don't know if this has been done before but I really like the idea of the two people I put together in this chapter. Remember to Vote, comment and maybe even become a fan. =) 

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 Chapter 10 

 (Bella's POV) 

 I watched as Jasper got angrier and angrier. He stands up and he starts to run. I look towards Jane and Alec, who's eyes are full of horror and stuck on me. Suddenly, I'm on the floor and Jasper is tackling me. I see the crazed look in his eyes and try to push him away. He doesn't move and starts to snap. I dodge all of his attacks except one.  

I scream in agony as I hear my arm hit the other side of the room. Edward is trying to grab Jasper off of me but Jasper is acting too quickly. Roslie, Alice and Esme are all screaming at him to get off. The boys have run off to get help. 

Next thing I know, Jasper collapses on top of me and starts screaming cries of agony. I quickly pull myself out from under him and grab my arm. "Jane!" I yell once I've gone to retrieve my arm from the other side of the room. Alice and Rose are putting it back in place almost instantly.  

Jasper is still writhing in agony. "Jane!" I yell again. Jasper stops moving and I run to his side. "Are you okay?" I ask him and look at Jane with a disapointed look on my face. She looks a little confused and I mouth the words later to them both. 

"Jasper?" I ask him. He sits up quickly and I step away, moving closer to Edward who is in a defensive crouch. Alice goes over to him and helps him stand up. "Why did you do that?!" She scolds him.  

"I don't know." He says a little dazed. "Are you okay?" I ask him, beginning to walk towards him. Edward grabs my arm and shakes his head "Yes. Thank you Bella. I think my instincts from my past took over because I got a little too angry." I smile a little.  

"Well, no damage done." I say and start walking out the living room to go into the forest. Jane and Alec follow me automatically and I smile at them before facing the front again. 

We run straight for the forest and I don't stop when I see Leah and Jacob approaching us. We're quite deep into the forest when I stop. "Why?" I spin round and ask Jane. "I thought you needed some help." She reply's in a monotone. She looks bored. This reminded me of the Jane I used to hate.  

"You were well out of your rights to do that. Jasper was beginning to calm down. I saw the look in his eyes. It was beginning to fade." I put both of my hands on each of her shoulders and shake her a little. "I understand that. The only thing that has caused confusion for me is the part where you ran to his side after I finished playing with him."  

"Playing! He was in agony. I don't care if he ripped my arm off! He's part of my family and we forgive eachother. It's what we do." I explain almost falling into hysterics. She nods once and walks away back towards the cottage. "You might want Emmett to escort you to your room in the main house. Alot of our friends are staying there just now." I say a little louder than needed.

I begin to walk off in the direction of the big house but Alec takes a light hold of my arm to stop me. "What is it Alec?" I ask, wondering why he didn't join Jane. "I understand that you and your family don't mind living with other... species but I would prefer to live somewhere that is away from the wolves or other Vampires that would rather kill me than keep me alive."

I nod my head and smile lightly. "There is a place I found that nobody knows about. It has a nice lake that you can look over and the house only has one floor with a sitting room, kitchen, bathroom and one bedroom." I say thinking about the day I went hunting and found the little house.

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