Chapter 6

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This Chapter is really just to let the friendship between Alec, Jane and Bella grow a little more. Please remember to Vote and comment.

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Chapter 6

I was enjoying myself so much. I loved hunting when other people were around. I didn’t feel as stupid if someone was with me. I followed the scent of what seemed to smell like a cat. I was right. There was a pack of wild cats, six of them. I pounced on the largest.

He tasted great. It wasn’t as good as a mountain lion but close enough. I went for the smallest one next. I started to follow another scent. I wasn’t sure what it was but it was alluring.

(Jane’s POV)

I couldn’t see Bella anymore. I could only smell her. She was fast, really fast. I couldn’t believe she had asked me if I wanted to escape with her! I’ve been waiting over eight hundred years to leave this place.

“Thanks, Alec.” I say. He looks at me confused. I am a little quicker than him but I’m staying at his pace. “What for?” I smile. “For bringing Bella back to Volterra. I knew you would find us some way of getting us out of here.”

“It was hard. Alistair had to stay there for weeks before he got anything on Bella’s little trip. You should have seen the way Edward looked. It was really hard for me to just leave him there without Bella.” He looked sad.

We come up to a small clearing with six wild cats but two of them are dead. I don’t particularly like the sound of drinking animal blood. I may pretend to slip every now and then when I’m with Bella and her family.

I place my power on the largest – alive – cat. I watch it wreathe in pain. Its howls make me smile. To kill another is good. Aro had always said that to me. Alec laughs and jumps on top of the second largest there. I kill the Cat with my teeth and look up, scared to taste its blood.

Alec’s digging in. He must think it’s good. I let my head fall and place my lips over its neck. It… it tastes …. Really good. I continue to drink its blood until its bone dry. I look at the other two cats. Alec’s already onto his second so I get stuck in with my other one. I stand up once I’m finished and start to follow Bella’s scent. I stop when I see her staring at an Eurasian Lynx.

She’s staring at it like she’s gone crazy. I walk forward to greet her and she turns around, her teeth barring. She growls. I gasp in shock. Suddenly she’s standing straight and looking at me apologetically. “Sorry.” She says sheepishly. I giggle and walk towards her.

(Bella’s POV)

I watch Jane come closer to me smiling. I smile back and turn back round to the strange animal. I hadn’t ever seen something like this before. It had pointy ears like a cat, a patterned back like a leopards and body of a lioness. Yet, it had no idea I was standing beside it at a distance.

“What is that?” I ask Alec – who has caught up with us. – Bewildered. “That is the Eurasian Lynx. It’s in Italy’s top ten of favorite animals.” He answered me, smugly. “Can I have it?” Jane shrugs. “If you wish it. There’s plenty more about a mile up from here anyway.” I turn to look at her with curious eyes. “How many do you mean?” Alec looks at the lynx, bored. “There’s probably eight or nine today. It changes all the time.” I turn round. “Not for long.” I say smiling.

I prepare to pounce on the beautiful creature. It looks so peaceful. Just before I run up to it, it starts squiggling about in pain. It reminds me of something I’ve seen before. I can’t really remember, it’s all fuzzy. JANE! She used this on Edward once.

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