Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

“Who the hell are you!?” I screamed head butting him. He let go and I made a run for it. I wasn’t running my fastest. I was too shocked. He caught up with me too quickly and grabbed my arms, tightening them around my back. “Don’t try to run from me Bella.” He said evilly. “Alec!?” I said recognizing the scent and voice at the same time.

“You certainly took your time getting here. I was beginning to lose hope.” I could tell there was a smile in his voice. “I wouldn’t bail on my best friend.” I say icily. I try to run again but he tightens his grip and I cry out in pain.

“Will you stop trying to run away?” He asked frustrated. “If you tell me why you’re here.” He turned me round then. Looking into my eyes and assessing my face. Was I really that bad a liar? “I’m here to collect you and take you back to Volterra. Aro didn’t send me. I sent myself. Nobody knows. Jane doesn’t. I want you to pretend you wanted to join the Volturi. Aro’s sister passed away around two hundred years ago and it was her birthday on Friday. He is mourning and needs cheering up. I’m sure you can do that for me Isabella Swan.” He smirked. It was probably at my reaction.

“It’s Cullen. What makes you think I would join?!” I spat at him, venom rising on the tip of my tongue. He laughed. “I know you will. If not then I will simply destroy your Edward.” I growled and yanked out of his grip. I sat down on the ground so he wouldn’t grab me again.

“I’ll join. As long as I get to make a few rules of my own.” I say coming up with an escape plan. He nods carefully. “I get to call my actual family every night. I get to stay on the diet of animal blood. And I get to call Edward now. Just to tell him I’ll be gone longer than seven days.”

He nodded in agreement and ran off into the city. I shoved my bag off my back – not bothering to go at human speed anymore. – And took my cell phone out of the front. I dialed Edward’s cell. It only rang once.

“Bella! Thank god you’re safe. Where are you?” Edward said worry fully covering his voice. “I’m still outside Canada. I need you to come and save me.” I whispered desperately. “I’m already doing that. Alice had the vision and phoned me. I had been hunting where we separated when she called so I’m ten minutes away. The others are on their way by car. They’ll be moments behind us. You need to distract the filthy little…” I cut him off. Alec had returned and he had my arms around my back. He was tightening his grip. I screamed out in agony.

“BELLA! Bella! Are you okay?!” Edward yelled through the phone. His worry was even worse than before. Alec grabbed the phone from the ground, where it had dropped.

“She’ll be fine. I’ll keep her safe for you. You have nothing to worry about.” He laughed then pulled me tighter. I screamed again. I heard Edward’s low growl. Alec laughed once more then hung up.

He let go of me and I fell to the ground. I knew he wouldn’t have had much practice in fighting – I could attack him if I wanted but that would cause Aro to send some of his guard to come looking for him. – But neither had I. I thought about how I could pretend I had been hunting and attacked him, thinking he wanted my prey.

My throat started to burn a little at the thought of hunting. Maybe I could hunt. I could make myself a mess and take even longer to tidy myself up. Surely that would give Edward enough time to reach us.

“Do you mind if I go hunt?” I whispered, still getting over the pain. He was strong. “No. What do you hunt?” He asked me kindly. Maybe he thought I was going to be nice from now on. I laughed, a little too high. Hopefully he didn’t notice.

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