Chapter 13

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I hope you all enjoyed chapter 12 as it was hard for me to think up. But chapter 13 is a little easier. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and remember to watch out for Jane. Please remember to vote, comment or maybe even become a fan. I'm really sorry for the long wait and I understand if you've deserted it. Sorry .

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Chapter 13

(Janes POV)

I watch as Demetri calms down and then I leave the room following after Alec. I know I'm back to my normal self because I wouldn't have done that to Demetri for laughing. I smile in triumph then follow Alec's scent to his room. Of course I have to pass Felix's room, he's heading in the same direction as me.

"The Bitch Is Back." I heard him say under his breath. "Felix, I would prefer if you didn't call me that. Especially when my boyfriend is a dog." Felix burst out into laughter as I rolled my eyes at him. "Ha! You're boyfriends a wittle puppy, with wittle friends, that think vey can beat us huge people."

I look him in the eye, - even though I have to look up pretty high. - "Enough! I'm sick of you making fun of me all the time. I think it's time, I show you how to respect your coven!" I say in my monotone only raising my voice slightly. "Aww.... Is wittle Jane gonna hurt me?? Please! I've had my arms ripped off. Bring the pain, sista!"

OhMyGod. He is so......annoying! Three. Two. One. "Aghhh!!!!" He screamed and crumpled to the floor. I watched him with a sly smile on my face. "Don't disrespect me Felix. This can get much worse." I say and turn it up a little. "O....K.......I......Never Knew..........How.......Painful.......Aghhhh!!!" I set him free and then looked towards the direction of my brother and I's rooms.

Alec was standing there, watching me, obviously annoyed. "You really are an evil brat. I thought Demetri was overeacting. Obviously not. That hurt." I turned to face Felix again and smiled evilly. "Well, don't provoke me and it wont happen again." I say and stalk off towards Alec. "That was uncalled for Jane." I rolled my eyes and walked past him, trying to pretend he wasn't there.

"I know you can hear me sister. I know what you're like. And I really think you should apologise." I huffed and turned round to face Alec. "Ha. Ha brother. I am not one to apologise. I haven't ever done it and I don't plan too. If you want anyone to apologise it's You." His face turned from bored, to shocked then amused.

"Me? What have I done to owe an apology, sister?" He asked innocently. "Taken me from Seth." I state simply and turn to go to my room but Alec grabs my wrist to stop me. "Really. You want me to apologise for getting you away from that DOG??" Interesting. He's alot more like me than I thought. "Looks like you're finally losing that stupid caring bone in you." I say and pull him off me. This time he lets me walk away.

"Oh. So you won't mind if I go back to Forks and kill him?" I spun round to see that smirk show on his face. "You wouldn't!" I say, out of my monotone voice. "I think I would. It's quite tempting. Has been for a long while." OhMyGod. The brother of mine that used to have a heart, and me, who's never had a heart have changed around.

Now I'm the one with the heart and Alec's the souless monster. NO! You don't really care about Seth. You know you don't. I shrug, gaining back my strength. "Do what you wish. But don't come crying to me when you gain back your heart." I say and walk into my room.

(Alec's POV)

My sister just told me that I could kill the one who imprinted on her? I was really confused. When I said what I said, I never meant it. I wouldn't .... couldn't kill him. My sister loved him. And whoever she loved, I loved too. No matter how revolting they are. I stormed into my room and angrily slammed the door shut.

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