Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

(Renesmee's POV)

I was arguing with Rose and trying my hardest not to sound rude. But I could hear them talking about me on the other side of the doors. Mom says that the kid - me - is her own. I decide to burst through the doors at the exact moment mom says my name. The wind blew past me and made my hair fly behind my back. One hand was on my hip, and the other was by my side. Because the room was so dark, the light from the hall reflected off me and I'm sure that I looked like that part of the movie when the hero bursts into the room and shocks the bad guy. I felt like the hero too.

"I'm sure I need no more than that as an introduction." I say and walk ahead. I quickly looked around the room and saw that Mom, Dad, Rose, Alice, Em, Jazz, Carlisle and Esme were all standing together. "Renesmee dear, what a surprise." I nod my head towards Aro once and then take a quick look around the room for Jane. I see her standing right next to someone that could be classed as her twin. She smiles at me and I narrow my eyes at her.

Seth's sitting at home, in his room, sobbing and rolling about in agony. How can she smile?! "Nessie, I suggest you look somewhere else. Before you're feelings get the better of you." Uncle Jasper says from the corner of the room my family are in. I nod my head and take a step back before looking away. I turned to look at a really tall man with a cheesy grin and big, broad, strong shoulders. I wasn't sure of his name but he was certainly familiar.

"Little Renesmee! Long time no see!" He reminded me of Emmett. Huh. I lifted my hand up and gave a quick wave. "Hi?" I say letting my hand fall to my side. He burst out laughing and looked at mom. She had a small smile on her face and was trying not to laugh herself. Huh. Were they laughing at me? That's not fair. "Felix. Calm down. You need to be responsible right now." Suddenly I was the one laughing and everyone was staring at me funny.

His name was Felix! But he was so huge! And strong! The giant, strong man was named after a cat! Hahaaha! I can't remember the last time I'd heard something that funny! Dad let out a low chuckle and he seemed to agree with me. Once my laughter died down enough for me to talk I forced out the words. "Sorry . . . It's just . . . His name . . . He's so big . . . His name stands . . . for something . . . so small." I finish after laughing through half of it. Felix glared at me then. Which made me laugh even more. Maybe this isn't going to be too awkward after all. Within half a second I was in the air and like all two and a half year olds . . . I screamed. I may look six or seven but in truth, I was only a child. "MOMMA!" I shouted and she smiled at me. Felix had flung me over his shoulders and was spinning me round way too fast.

Suddenly there was a huge CRACK when he threw me up in the air and caught me again. Ooh! Oww! I screamed again and this time he let me down. "It really hurts." I said quietly. I'd broken bones before so I knew what came after this. The burning began. I was rolling around the floor, screaming in agony while my bone healed itself. Carlisle was right beside me, holding my hand and on the other side, mom was doing the same. Emmett and Jasper were holding my legs to stop me rolling around everywhere. "Five more minutes and it will be over honey." all I could manage was a quick nod of my head before the pain increased. I'm sure this is how mom felt when she was being changed except This wasn't only in her right arm. It would have been her whole body.

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