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my sunshine|| A.V by vrymilky
my sunshine|| A.Vby Jude
"You're my light." "And you're mine."
  • esme
  • bella
  • cullen
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Destined by vampireowl
Destinedby Secretly a vampire
Elizabeth Swan, twin sister of the vampire loving Bella Swan has a destiny she never imagined. With Bella's new family in danger Elizabeth is pulled into the ugly mess t...
  • aro
  • volturi
A New Queen  by ShadowGirl1996
A New Queen by ShadowGirl1996
"Mummy?" I looked into my little girls eyes. "Are we going to die?" "No." When Caius meets his mate, she not what anyone expected.
  • jacob
  • fantasy
  • renesmee
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Dangerous (Alec X OC) by alice1_georanda
Dangerous (Alec X OC)by Alice1georanda
She is the least wanted member of the Cullens. He is one of the highest guards in Volturi. What will happen if those two meet?
  • volturi
  • jane
  • marcus
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Tenebrous || Volturi Kings by LiveLaughLoki
Tenebrous || Volturi Kingsby LiveLaughLoki
"I'd stand in the shadows of your heart and tell you I'm not afraid of your dark." Rowan Ailes has always taken solace in the comfort of darkness. It was darkn...
  • cullen
  • twilightprincess
  • caiusvolturi
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Fierce ➰Caius Volturi➰ by fangirl_220204
Fierce ➰Caius Volturi➰by Kol
Bellas' sister, Lola, ran off. That's why no one knew her. Her family disowned her once they knew what she was. She wasn't treated too well by her family when she was a...
  • cullens
  • werewolves
  • edward
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Wildflower | Volturi Kings by lucefatale
Wildflower | Volturi Kingsby 💔 devil woman 💔
TWILIGHT// "I hope you are blessed with a heart like a wildflower. Strong enough to rise again after being trampled upon, tough enough to weather the worst of summe...
  • twilight
  • marcus
  • cullen
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Renesmee's not the only one. by ObsessedWithTwilight
Renesmee's not the only Sav_teh_Unicorn
What if in breaking dawn Bella had 2 children. twins. Meet Allie Elizabeth Cullen. She was born after the venom was injected into Bella. Preview~ Renesmee screams in fe...
  • edward
  • cullen
  • marcus
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theirs. < the volturi kings. by Crustkosky
theirs. < the volturi princess leah 🥵
SHE WAS THEIRS. and no one could take what is theirs. in which sweet lilliana daisy henry has a fate that will lead her to the feet of the kings of the va...
  • aro
  • caius
  • twilight
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RUSSIAN ROULETTE || the three kings by solitary-disaster
RUSSIAN ROULETTE || the three kingsby ow
  • arovolturi
  • poly
  • alecvolturi
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Sanguine - Aro Volturi by vampireowl
Sanguine - Aro Volturiby Secretly a vampire
Celestine Swan was a secret the Cullen's tried to hide, but with Edward's unplanned trip to the Volturi the truth is out. Will Aro take what he wants, or will he be thw...
  • volturi
  • bella
  • aro
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aro volturis twin daughter's (alec and demitri love story) by Jessie_by_essie
aro volturis twin daughter's ( Jessie_by_essie
Alexandria and Katherine Swan are the daughters of aro volturi and hayley king cauis's best friend but the twins had know idea. they are also the mates of alec and demit...
  • aro
  • thecullens
  • thepack
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starring role | twilight by bhaddiesince
starring role | twilightby elyse
❝𝖄𝖔𝖚'𝖗𝖊 𝖘𝖊𝖑𝖋𝖎𝖘𝖍.❞ ❝𝕴 𝖐𝖓𝖔𝖜.❞ In which a girl wants her life back and doesn't care who she hurts to get it.
  • vampire
  • bellacullen
  • caiusvolturi
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whitlock → BREAKING DAWN 1 by vengeancelust
whitlock → BREAKING DAWN 1by sociopath
"The last time I saw you, you were giving me away to Uncle Peter and Aunt Charlotte and having William stay with me. Not once did I see you when the family visited...
  • edwardcullen
  • quilateara
  • thevolturi
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The Goddess of War. (edward x OC)  by ShadowChaos2001
The Goddess of War. (edward x OC) by Shadow Ann Chaos
Now first before the description. I need to tell you that this is inspired by a book I read a while ago it has ares as a female and the Greek goddess of war. I wanted to...
  • witnesses
  • clearwater
  • cullen
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I will always love you [Twilight Fanfic] by Twilight_Hime10
I will always love you [Twilight Hime Black
Marcus x Didyme/OC Love Story. Marcus and Didyme had the most beautiful love story in Vampire History, but sadly Marcus lost the love of his life during a brutal war be...
  • bellaswan
  • caius
  • reincarnation
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You belong to me. [Alec Volturi love story] by EmaJaeger
You belong to me. [Alec Volturi Anera
Hiding away from everything. Hiding away from everyone. That's what I did all of my immortal life. Because of my powerful gift. Because i was afraid that they would want...
  • jane
  • fanfiction
  • alec
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The newborn mate by Neverlandsshadow
The newborn mateby Neverlandsshadow
What if the Volturi kings had spent thousands of years looking for their mate? And what if they found her with the newborn army sent to kill Bella? Will Andersen got pic...
  • newborn
  • edward
  • alice
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Aro's Daughter (FINISHED) by kittytwisaga
Aro's Daughter (FINISHED)by Kat
What if Bella wasn't Renee's daughter? What if she was Aro's daughter instead? What will happen when her humanity's at steak? Can the Cullen's ignore Bella forever? Bell...
  • volturi
  • dawn
  • breaking
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Forbidden (Seth Clearwater) by RiannonHope
Forbidden (Seth Clearwater)by RiannonHope
At first, I thought vampires were just mythical creatures that didn't exist. Not once in my life did I ever think of living myself as one. What seemed most unlikely was...
  • forbidden
  • edward
  • vampire
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