Chapter 8

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Hey everyone, Sorry it took so long to upload. I've been very busy and for a while I was stuck for Idea's but here's Chapter 8. I hope you enjoy it. Please remember to vote, comment and maybe even become a fan.

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Chapter 8  

(Jacob’s POV)

I see Bella running towards Sam and me, and I begin to run for her smiling wide as if I were in human form. She gives me one huge hug but I pull away to go and phase. I run off into the forest and it smells…. Like a Volturi member has been here. I remember what their scent was like when they came to get Nessie.

I quickly phase and put my three quarter lengthed pants on and run back out to Bella who is having an awkward hug with Leah. I was really surprised when I saw Leah’s thought and how she has begun to like Bella.

I can’t tell anyone though. Leah’s threatened to kill me. Not that I’m scared but she is faster than me. I’m just keeping my distance just now. I sneak up behind her and hug her waist. To any normal person this would look like I were his boyfriend but to us it was normal.

She jumps a little. I think it was the warmth of my skin. Slowly – as if not to offend me – she pulls my hands away from her waist. I smile slightly and hug her properly instead. “I’ve missed you.” I whispered into her ear. I could imagine the smile forming on her face. She pulled away a little then smiled widely. “I’ve missed you too.” She pulls away then and turns to look at the rest of the pack – and Sam’s pack. – Who were looking at us as if we were crazy.

She laughed a little and I went to stand by Sam. “Does every single one of you promise not to kill my friends when I show you who they are?” I nod and I see the others nod too. “Okay. If you do, I’m going straight back to Volterra.” She warned. I whimpered a little. Hopefully it was too quiet for Bella to hear.

“Guys, I’m pretty sure they won’t kill you. You can come out.” She turns back around and moves back two steps. I go to reach for her but she holds her hand up. I stop and look at her in confusion.

I think I only blinked once and when I opened my eyes again two bloodsuckers were standing on either side of Bella with their hoods up. She turned round to look at them. I seen her whisper something to them but I couldn’t tell what she said. One at a time they took their hoods down. I didn’t need any introductions; I knew exactly who they were.

She continued on anyway. I was shaking but I don’t think she was paying attention to that. “This is Alec, and this is his twin sister Jane.” I couldn’t stop the vibrations going through me anymore. I was going to phase any minute now.

I saw that Bella saw this, not only in my eyes but in everyone else’s too. She bent into a little crouch and showed us that she wasn’t going to step back and let them be slaughtered by us wolves.

Before I could stop her, Leah had stepped forward and started to pounce. I watched as I saw Bella stand there waiting for the right moment. Just as Leah was in mid-pounce she suddenly fell to the ground and she was wreathing in agony as if someone was attacking her but no one was.

Then I went for Jane, remembering her power. Suddenly I’m on the ground, writhing in pain. Leah’s no longer screaming but my screaming has taken her place. I keep screaming at her, telling her to stop. Bella’s turned around and she’s gripping onto a tree.

Sam’s disappeared. Trust him to go and phase now. Sam comes jogging out of the forest in and the pain stops. “Bella, how could you do this to your family? Edward?” I quickly stand up with what dignity I have left and add in my own person. “Nessie?” I say and wait on her to turn around.

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