Chapter 1

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(Bella's POV)


When you want to, you can do anything. But when you have to choose, leave or stay, what do you do? I knew what they were going to choose. I couldn't help but hope that maybe they would choose us. I loved them. Not because of their abilities but because they were family to me now. Why did Aro have to come and destroy my happiness again? Please, was all I could think. In the distance I heard all twenty wolves howl a last goodbye.


Chapter One

I knew I was going to regret this decision as soon as it was made. I was so happy that she had called, but she was human and - even though I hadn't ever hurt one, I was positive I would. - I was a vampire. It had only been six months since the Volturi had been here to destroy Nessie. I didn't know if making the trip to Canada was safe enough. Wouldn't she think I had changed drastically? But I missed being able to chat to a real Human girl. This was something Edward would surely disapprove of. All of this only took half a second with my multitasking mind. " Sure. When would you like me to come up? " I asked carefully.

I heard her breathing stop in a gasp then start again just before she started gushing too much information out. " Oh My God! Really?! When I told everyone that I was going to ask you to come up and visit me they all said she'll say no. Apart from Ang. She's the only one that thought you would say yes. And me of course! You're the best Bella! You know I didn't actually think about that. I mean i'm stuck in Canada until Spring at the earliest because of the stupid snow! "

I was kind of hoping that maybe she would change her mind but knowing Jessica, she wouldn't. " Ummm...Well how about December? It's just it's a hectic time for me and my family just now and I wouldn't want to abandon them..." My voicebegan to fade because I felt I was droning on and on. " Sure! I can't wait! I'll make sure we can go shopping and see stuff at the movies and..." Brilliant. Now I had a whole lot more to deal with.

I interrupted her because I heard the front door close shut and I was thankful that Edward had come home at the perfect moment.

" Sorry Jess. I have to go. Edwards back." There was a short silence. Edward was standing at the door waiting patiently for me to finish my phone call. " Oh... Well, will we talk again soon?"

I didn't want to promise her that I would phone her when I obviously wouldn't. " Well, you can call me tomorrow if you like." It felt easier only having to talk to her through the phone than in person. I had almost perfected my old voice.

" Sure. I'll call you at eight. Bye Bella. " I hung up then and looked at Edward. He smiled and I smiled back. " So." He said. Obviously trying to make conversation. " What did Jessica Stanley want? " He asked trying to hide his curiosity but I saw it burning in his eyes. " She wanted me to go up and see her in Canada. "

" And you said yes. " This wasn't a question. It was a confirmation. I looked away but nodded slightly. " Momma! " Nessie was running towards me and I automatically opened my arms for her. " Hello sweetheart. How was the catch today? " I had passed on hunting today because I wanted to do some reading and have some me time. Now my life always evolved around something other than just me or Edward or Renesmee. " It was great. I caught the Buck and daddy only caught the second largest. Jake was convinced that he had caught the second biggest but I jugged and said that daddy had caught it. " She laughed and Edward did too. It was her first birthday in a month but she could pass for at least six years old. She's already been enrolled into elementary school.

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