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Catradora. New Life by Flaminghomo20
Catradora. New Lifeby Flaminghomo20
Adora is a foster kid being taken in by a new family. She has lost some friends previously because of them being adopted but there is a possibility of reconnection. For...
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The Squinterns by names_are_hard
The Squinternsby names_are_hard
Caroline Richie was always THAT kid. She graduated from high school at 16 years old, and became and agents of several different government agencies. But she wanted to do...
The Heart Behind Those Glasses by purrpleamethyst
The Heart Behind Those Glassesby esther
Angela Winters is just your regular high school nerd, a book lover, hates parties you name it. But then her world changes the day when she has to tutor Alex the most pop...
A Box Of Kittens by KiraTheWerewolf
A Box Of Kittensby イヴァン・ブラギンスキ
This is a reader insert for Black Butler. It is set in London, 2018 when (your name) (last name) finds a box of oddly coloured kittens. But she takes them in anyway! Bec...
The world of Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji by Mikaotic25
The world of Black Butler / Mikaotic25
I was an otaku. One day I just woke up in the world of Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji for some reason. What would I do? Would I find this life more interesting then the nor...
Gangleader's Girl ✔ by WinxClubBloom93
Gangleader's Girl ✔by Bloom M.
||Highest Rank: #11 in Humor|| She is innocent, bubbly, kind and sweet. She always helps others even if it be a bloody murderer. She always do things before thinking. Sh...
The Knight in Leather Armor by Atlantis94
The Knight in Leather Armorby Em
"Nothing gold can stay." -Robert Frost Twitter: @Atlantis094 Cover: The Floz
White Maid (Rewrite) by CrystalRivera88
White Maid (Rewrite)by Alexandra Rossi
There are many stories of the demon butler Sebastian ending up with a human, demon, angel, fallen, or other worldy being. But there is not one that has been completed to...
Open My Eyes by Kunfabulate
Open My Eyesby Madison Yuresko
"I'm blind, Angela, not a porcelain doll." "You could be Superman, and I'd still worry I broke you." He isn't like the others. He's blind. «» rew...
The Only Way || She-Ra by Small_Raging_Turtles
The Only Way || She-Raby Tadd the Turtle
Light Hope needed She-Ra and her sword to activate the Heart of Etheria. Adora wasn't going to let her have either. --- Glimmer and Catra are imprisoned on Horde Prime...
the moon is not shamed by the howling of the werewolves; by SerenaSnape
the moon is not shamed by the SerenaSnape
when Angela transforms into a werewolf, her mother throws her out of her house. With only the address of her father and some money for the road, Angela goes on a journey...
Controlled (Mafia!Pharah x Reader x Mafia!Mercy) by Katrinaistrashhh
Controlled (Mafia!Pharah x Katrinaistrashhh
Y/n L/n, a young musician looking to make a name for herself, so when she turns 18, she moves to New York. When she gets there, she soon figures out that it's not all ju...
Zack Addy x reader by Brendonluv
Zack Addy x readerby BOIIII
I love Bones, I Love zack, and there are barely any x readers for him so i decided to take it into my own hands. These are all based before and after Gormegon, this book...
My Secrets (Jim Halpert love story) by youdontknowme100200
My Secrets (Jim Halpert love story)by 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
A new sales woman joins the Dunder Mifflin crew and they discover some secrets she didn't want them to know, Jim then falls in love with these secrets but he keeps it a...
Love Is Difficult: Talking Tom and Friends . ONGOING  by MisxKCute
Love Is Difficult: Talking Tom MisxK
See how Talking Tom and his friends face a serious love challenges that leads them into a dramatic situation. When they go to amusement park they met a fortune teller, b...
Temporary (Jim Halpert) by BlackVeilBatman
Temporary (Jim Halpert)by Hayley
Pam's officially left for her honeymoon with Roy, leaving the office in need of a new temporary receptionist. Audrie finds herself filling the position, but staying long...
My chance (Marcus and Bella) by KennyJacinta
My chance (Marcus and Bella)by Jacinta Kenny
Bella wasn't heartbroken over Edward. She got on with her everyday life. On summer holidays. Bella Angela and Jessica went to Italy. They signed up for a tour of the vol...
Sisters for Life? That's a bunch of bull ~~Completed~~ by Rosella_Pisces
Sisters for Life? That's a bunch K. S.Booth
She's Bella's sister, who was born 4 minutes after her. She wasn't even supposed to exist. But fate had another plan. They're sisters by chance, even though Bella has al...
The Two Gunslingers (Jesse Mccree x Reader) by FlameWolf111
The Two Gunslingers (Jesse FlameWolf111
You were Young when you First met Jesse Mccree. He was a year older than you, making him sixteen. At first impression you could care less about him and his gang, but aft...
Outsiders ships one shots/fluffs/headcanons/ smuts  by chaoticwinston
Outsiders ships one shots/fluffs/ 𝐞𝐦𝐦𝐚♡
It says it all in the title also there's not only the guys there's also Tim,curly,possibly Angela and some characters I've created either for this story or in others I'v...