Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

(Renesmee's POV)

It's been almost a year since Jane came to live with us and I'm. Two and a few months but mom says I look about seven. "Mom?" She turns her eyes away slightly from dad to look at me happily. "Yes, Darling?" She asks. "I know I'm like, only two and a bit - and look about seven or eight - but please can I stay at home until I'm at least seven or eight? Please? I don't like school."

She looks at Dad for some help but he just shrugs and continues to read his book. She rolls her eyes and looks back at me. "Well, since Alice, Rosalie and your Father don't seem to mind, I suppose you can." I squeal lightly and allow a big grin to crawl onto my face.

"Thank you so much mo..." She cuts me off by raising her hand. "I wasn't finished Renesmee. BUT you have to be home schooled instead. By Esme. We were discussing it the other night and that's what we have agreed so no if's or buts'. Okay?" I nod my head seriously and run up the stairs to see Seth and Jane snogging.

"Ew. Can't you kiss in your bedroom? I'm two and I have to see this ! Yuck" Jane pulls away and laughs. "I don't see why. You'll be doing this one day." I made a barfing noise and watched them both laugh. Jane's phone starts vibrating from her pocket and she pulls it out to answer. She takes a quick look at the number.

She pulls the phone up to her ear. "Alec, what do you want?" She asks in a monotone voice. She was always on the phone to this Alec. She says that one day I'll get to meet him. I don't even know who he is. Some sort of secret boyfriend by the sound of it.

"You what?!" She screams. "That low life cow." I heard dad mutter down the stairs. "I'll be there as soon as I can." She says and shuts the phone. "Sorry babe, I've got to go." She says to Seth and kisses him lightly on the lips.

"Can I come this time?" I ask her. She stops to turn and look at me. "I really wish you could Renesmee but, this is a little serious for you just now." She says and gives me a light hug. "Well at least let me walk you out." She nods and starts walking up the stairs towards her room.

"It's been five minutes! How long does it take to change?" I ask on the other side of the door I can hear her searching the room for something. Mom comes up the stairs holding something really tight. She smiles gently at me before walking into Jane's room.

"I think this is what you're looking for." She says closing the door behind her. It was open? If I knew that I would have gone in there five minutes ago. "How..?" Jane begins to ask. "You gave it to me for safe keeping, remember?" I hear Jane say thanks and they both come out of her bedroom. She was wearing a long dark cloak. It was almost black. And when I looked at her hair it was up in a bun and her face was serious. On her neck was a V Pendant. "Why are you dressed like that?" I asked. "Why does it matter to you?" She asked in a monotone.

I walked away and went back downstairs. I don't know why I was this hurt over her being so, horrible to me. A lone tear fell down my cheek. I quickly wiped it away with the back of my hand.

"Move." She said to Jasper quite harsh. He looked her straight in the eyes and didn't move an inch. An angelic smile appeared on her face and Jasper fell down in pain. What was she doing to him. "Jane!" Mom shouts. Jane snaps out of it and looks straight at mom.

"Why are you doing this?" She asks lightly. Jane ignores her and walks out the house. Mom's face starts to crumple and dad is beside her almost instantly. "I thought she'd changed." She said sobbing into dad's chest.

"I told you not to trust them." Jasper says standing up from the ground. "They're trouble Bella. She managed to keep this up for a year. She played you Bella." She looked up from Dad's shirt and stared at him with deadly eyes. "Shut up." She says and goes to sit down again. Dad places her on his lap.

"Everything will be okay." He said into her hair. "She's probably in a mood with Alec." he spit's the last word. ' Dad who the hell is Alec?! ' I ask him in my head. He just shakes his head lightly. "Jane and Alec are nothing but trouble." He says. Dad had hated the fact Jane was staying here. He would never stay in the same room as her and he didn't say a single word to her. I hope things will be okay.

* * *

(Alec's POV)

What is taking her so long? I thought she ran faster than me. She should be here by now. "I'm here." I hear Jane say from the shadows. "Good." I say and continue to look in the opposite direction. Suddenly, I'm on the ground writhing in pain. "Why the hell did you call Felix?!" She screams at me. I allow my mist to reach her and take her senses. I wait few moments before the pain stops.

I give her back her hearing. And only her hearing. "I called him because I don't like living here. I only came here on a mission. She tries to speak but can't. I allow sound to come back. "You what!" She screams at me. "I thought that's the only reason you came here?" I ask confused.

"No! I came here to get away from Aro for a few months. Then I found Seth! He imprinted on me and we've been a couple since!" My mist drops in shock and suddenly I'm really angry. I can hear music on in the cottage I've been living in and it goes with the way I feel right now. It's Loose Yourself by Eminem.

You better, lose yourself in the music, the moment. You own it, you better never let it go. You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo,....

I was trying to calm myself listening to it. It begins to repeat itself and then I blow it. "You were imprinted on by a shape shifter?!" I shout placing my mist back over her. "Yes and I love him! I don't want to leave!"

"If you want your precious boyfriend to live then you will!" I yell. "Well... I do miss Volterra... and eating humans... and Aro, Demetri, Heidi, Felix..... What was your mission anyway?" She asks calmer.

"I had to come here and try to bring one back but that is not possible. I had two choices. I either bring back a member of the Cullen's or live here for a while and see the way the Cullen's live." She laughs a little. "Well that was a pointless mission." She says and laughs a little louder.

"Anyway's we're going home. Aro wants us for another mission and to be honest, I want to hunt human again." She smiles hugely at me. "Same." I take the mist off and we begin to run.

* * *

(Bella's POV)

I've been sitting here two hours listening to Renesmee listen to her music on her Ipod. Right now she's listening to New Classic by Selena Gomez and some other guy out of one of her favorite movies. Another Cinderella Story.

She's quite happy. I decide to get up and go see if Jane is at Alec's. I run quicker than I have in a long time. I get there in five minutes and see it empty. The radio's on but there's no one there though. They've gone. I thought to myself. I let my shield drop for a minute or so to see if Jane could see me. Nothing.

I begin to sob tearless tears and fall to my knees. "Bella!" I hear Edward call. "Are you okay love?" I nodded but placed my head on his lap. "I know someplace that will cheer you up." He says and begins to carry me on his back.

I re-open my eyes to see we're sitting in our meadow. I had been sobbing the whole way here and if I were human, Edward's shirt would be ruined. I smile slightly and look at the flowers surrounding us. "The perfect place. For the perfect man." I say smiling properly now. "And woman. He says and kisses my forehead. "Thank you." I say and pull him closer to me. I don't allow him to answer. We fall onto the ground together and I pull away slowly. I didn't really want to but I had to laugh.

"Oops." I say and look at the ground. "Sorry." I say and begin to fiddle with my hair. "Don't be." He said and pulled me back down. "I love you." I say. It's a few moments until he pulls away. "I love you." He says back and starts kissing me again. I let my shield down. it's Twilight. I say and place my shield back over me. He smiles and doesn't say a thing.

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