Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

(Edwards POV)

“Why hasn’t she called yet?” I complain to Fred, again. I’ve been doing it form he got back from his trip to find a vampire that could have, possibly survived The Newborns attack.  I wonder why he hasn’t grown bored of it. “I don’t know Edward. Maybe they aren’t letting her phone, just in case you’re planning on rescuing her.” He’s said this every day, and every day I take it into consideration. Edward, there’s honestly nothing to worry about. I know Bella. With her determination, I know she’ll be back in no time. I nod but continue to pace in the same spot I have been for a week.

“I know that. It’s been eight days. I can’t help but worry.” He nods and looks at the ground. “You’ve started to dent the ground Edward. I really do think you should go back to the cottage, change clothes and start looking after Renesmee. Rosalie and Alice have been doing it for six days.” I look away, into the direction of the cottage and just shake my head.

“I can’t.” I say looking back at him. He really needs to get a grip. I snarl and he looks at me apologetically. I watch as he runs back to the house to give an update on my … behavior. Do they really expect me to act normally when my one and only has been stolen.

I sit down in the same spot and listen to the rest of the family inside. “Edwards still the same. Still in the same spot. Maybe we should force him to function like a real person.” I hear them all consider the idea. “I don’t know Fred. It’s hard to make the choice. He does need to hunt. Angela’s visiting next week!” Alice says, worry evident in her voice.

I hear my cell go for the first time in a week. I answer it with no hope as to who it is. “Hello?” I say glumly. “Edward.” I hear a recognizable voice breath. I suddenly burst out of my depression and answer too enthusiastically. “Bella!” I almost yell. “Are you okay? Where are you? Have they done anything to you?” The questions are strangely and quickly coming out. I run into the house and mouth the words ‘Bella’ to everyone as I pass.

“Yes I’m fine. I’m in my room in Volterra. No they haven’t. Now stop asking questions. I need you to put me on speaker.” I was about to ask her why but stopped and just placed the phone down on the dining table. I pressed the speaker button and watched as everyone piled into the room and took a seat. The wolves had to stand.

“Hey guys.” I hear her say. She’s then greeted in return with many ‘hi’s’ ‘hello’s’ and ‘come homes’ “Everyone has to listen to me very carefully. Especially you Edward.” She said sternly. I quickly answered with a simple yes. “We’re planning to escape…”

“We?” Rosalie says with suspicion in her voice. “Yes we.” Bella simply answers. “We’re planning to escape on Wednesday. I’m bringing home two friends and they will be shocking at first. But they really are okay.” She says reassuringly. “So when you see them, don’t do anything rash. Edward, I need you to place two single beds in the attic. You must look after Renesmee. Alice I need you to redecorate your beauty room into a bedroom for two so you can…” She gets cut off by a male’s voice. “Beauty room?” he asks. I can hear Bella turn around – with the wind hushing through the phone – and answer the male icily. “Yes beauty room.” There’s a small cough then a little laughter. “And I thought Heidi went over the top with make-up.” A female says through hidden giggles. Bella sighs and continues her instructions. “Can you do that?” She asks. Alice frowns but agrees.

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