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"Don't worry citizens! Me and my team will save you from the evil villain!"

"Channie hyung, look out!"

"Here comes sir sungie, with his mighty sword, ready to take down the evil villain."

"Jisungie I wanted the sword~"

"Oh no! The villain is getting away!"

"Don't worry Felix hyung, super seungmin is on it!"

"Jeongin come join us!"

The 8 boys were playing at Bangchan's house, acting out a fight with a villain. They were around 9 to 5 years old, Bangchan being the oldest and Jeongin being the youngest.

The boys met because their parents were super close, but they met Jeongin on the streets. The boys were almost inseparable.

"Now, what are you boys doing?" Chan's mother's voice caught all of the boys' attention.

"Eomma!" Chan ran up to hug his mom.

"We were protecting the kingdom from the evil villain." Changbin explained.

"A kingdom?", Chan's mother chuckled, "It's quite small."

"Well you've never seen a kingdom." Seungmin said.

"You're right, I haven't," Chan's mother looked at the young boys, "but I've heard stories of one."

The mother's words caught the attention of all the boys.
"There's stories of a kingdom?" Jeongin asked.

"Are they real?" asked Hyunjin.

"Well some people say it's real." Chan's mother smirked.

"Can you tell us the story? Please!" Chan started tugging at his mother's arm, begging for her to tell the story. The others eventually started pleading as well.

Chan's mother giggled, "Alright, everyone on the bed."

The boys the rushed to climb on Chan's bed and all huddled up together. Chan's mother sat at the edge of the bed.

"Everyone comfy?" The boys nodded in response, "Okay, well there once was a kingdom in a far away land, that could only be accessed through a portal."

"A portal?" Felix asked curiously.

"Yes, a portal." Chan's mother continued, "The Kingdom was run by 8 rulers-"

"Eight!?" Chan said shocked.

"Mhm, and all of them had magical abilities." The boys were all fascinated by the thought.

"The rulers were loved by their citizens, not only for their acts of kindness, but they were very handsome as well."

"Did they fight evil villains?" Minho asked.

"They did actually."

"Did they win the fights?" Seungmin asked.

"Well, they use to, " Chan's mom paused for suspense, "until one day... The kingdom was attacked by a dark, and mysterious mist."

The boys started to huddle closer to each other out if fear.
"What happened to the eight rulers?" Jeongin asked.

"...They disappeared."
The boys all looked at each other with slight fear.

"Legend has it, " Chan's mom spoke, getting the boys' attention, "that the rulers escaped and are hiding somewhere on earth."

"Woah" the boys said in unison.

"That was an amazing story!" Jisung said with glee.

Chan's mother chuckled. The door to Chan's room being opened could be heard and caught everyone's attention.


Chan ran up to his father and his father lifted him up. "Eomma told us a story of a kingdom, with eight rulers. "

"Is that so?" Chan's father walked over to the boys and set Chan down before sitting next to his wife, "Your telling then stories that could keep them awake at eight o'clock at night?"

Chan's mother chuckled, "Sorry Kiddos, but it's time for bed."

The children whined. "Can't we stay up for a little longer, please?" jeongin pleaded.

Chan's mother sighed, "Alright, I'll give you guys 10 more minutes, deal?"

The children nodded. Chan's mother and father then excited the room and closed the door.

"That story was so cool!" felix exclaimed.

"A kingdom ruled by 8 people with superpowers." Chan said.

"I bet one of them had super speed!" jisung exclaimed, and started running around the room.

"Well I bet one of them could fly!" hyunjin said as he stood up on the bed and started jumping.

"I want one of them to teleport!" felix exclaimed.

"That sounds cool!" Changbin exclaimed.

"I hope the story is real." Jeongin said shyly.

"Me too."

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