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Day Breaker | P.JM & Y.JY by amber9llama
Day Breaker | P.JM & Y.JYby Clayde Genien V. Tarongoy
Yoo Jeongyeon, a member of the top ranking Kpop girl group Twice, hated Park Jimin of the top-ranked Kpop boy group BTS for all the right reasons. He certainly is a DAY...
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Jimin & Jeongyeon Fanfiction Collection Book(*Revising) by ImMitsuhaYanss
Jimin & Jeongyeon Fanfiction ☆FangirlWriDer
This is a collection of different stories featuring my number 1 couple of BANGTWICE, Park Jimin & Yoo Jeongyeon. This book is dedicated for JEONGMIN/MINYEON/JIMYEON SHI...
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Coincidences Between JeongMin ( Jeongyeon & Jimin )  by BucinJeongMin
Coincidences Between JeongMin ( mochimelon.99
Hate ☠️ or Love ❤️ Let's find out 🕵🏻‍♂️ PS: I didn't research this all alone credit for all JeongMin shipper in the world
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Why do you Hate Me?  by Ocean_Paguia
Why do you Hate Me? by YoW nICe SkIrt
" his biggest mistake, was loosing her trust " Started: April 16, 2018 Ended: oct 17,2018
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Bad boy got in love;; pjm [COMPLETE] by sunshineksj
Bad boy got in love;; pjm [ epiphany✧
Are you ready to fight for your feelings? #ParkJimin Started: 01.14.19 End: 04. 27.19 [NOT YET EDITED] NOTE: THIS STORY IS FULL OF WRONG GRAMMAR, WRONG SPELLINGS AND MAN...
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Way To Your Heart (Jimin X Jeongyeon) by Haru_sakuchan
Way To Your Heart (Jimin X Haru_sakuchan
"You made your way to my heart" "Yes, I just made a WAY TO YOUR HEART" In short, two people made their way on each other's heart DATE STARTED: SEPTEM...
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single me ; + y.jy✔ by -shadyprxncess
single me ; + y.jy✔by ˡᵒⁿᵉˡʸ ; ʰᵉᵃʳᵗˢ ᶜˡᵘᵇ
➳#1 in Jimyeon -In which jimin will do anything just to get jeongyeon back... started:02.08.19 ended:07.13.19
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Revenge Of The Nerds [Stopped] by samsweetypie5
Revenge Of The Nerds [Stopped]by SamSweetyPie
Tzuyu is Jungkook's girlfriend but he cheated on her. What will Tzuyu do? Will she take revenge?
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I Hate You, I Love You | JeongMin FanFic by shanseison
I Hate You, I Love You | Shan Seison
"Well, Park Jimin, I hate you." "Well, Yoo Jeongyeon, I love you." HIGHEST RANKING AS OF OCT. 1, 2019 #3 in jeongmin
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-dare jeongminff by lookingforyoongi
-dare jeongminffby thistwodaeguboys
"It's kinda creepy when Jimin was about to sex me." ----------- ⚠️WARNING⚠️ ★ ♢PG - 15 ; Might contain words and scenes are not suitable for ages below 15 s...
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°ғαмιℓү° Jeongmin FF by ParkYooJeonghyo
°ғαмιℓү° Jeongmin FFby ♋
"Families might have STRUGGLES in life but will always stick together as one." Note:I do not own any of the characters in this story,because i am not rich af
i luv you (Jeongyeon x Jimin) by AlexandreaEstillore
i luv you (Jeongyeon x Jimin)by PurpleToast
It's my first time writing an FF PLEASE don't judge. It is about Jeongyeon and Jimin (and maybe some other Twice x BTS ships.) follow the emotional roller coaster of lov...
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Kings Game || Stray kids || Smuts by Yoddle1400
Kings Game || Stray kids || Smutsby Wonho'sIconicManTitties
The boys were taking their long deserved vacation after their most recent comeback. Away from the city in the middle of the woods, something unexpected happened. "W...
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babies by binniehoe
babiesby .
little space fanfictions!
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Lights, Camera, Action! [Stray Kids x Jeongin] by Zeroblitz123
Lights, Camera, Action! [Stray Zero
Stray Kids x Jeongin oneshots
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Don't fall in love by PeachesAndCream2006
Don't fall in loveby Lifeless Gays
Kim Taehyung is the new kid at Jeju university, the rich kid school. They have only one rule: don't fall in love. They also have nine beautiful girls.
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Jikook Jokes and Scenarios by Mikchimin
Jikook Jokes and Scenariosby Mikchimin
Jikook jokes and scenarios that are funny, cute, and a little bit stupid. These are mostly my original scenarios. If they look like anyone else's I'm terribly sorry Enj...
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Life With The Seven Prince ( COMPLETE)  by Shorty_And_Piggy
Life With The Seven Prince ( JungHa×JungHan
BangTwice Twice Became The BTS royal Maids ( Except Mina and Dahyun ) Then they found out that the Maids before them is the BV Princesses ( Black Velvet ) they said the...
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Love At First Text | Minsung (COMPLETED) by strayparents
Love At First Text | Minsung ( ugh.
Changbin dares Minho to text Jisung? Minho seems more like a no strings attached guy to Jisung someone who just wants a quick lay. Jisung is a sweet guy who fell in love...
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suddenly | minsung by jeonginscola
suddenly | minsungby jeonginscola
suddenly, minho viewed jisung differently. and just like that, a warm feeling surged through his heart. warm like the coffee minho had specially made for jisung the day...
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