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''why are you doing this?'' ''because i love you.'' started: 08122019 - side ships: chanlix, changjin, jeongmin, seongjin - contains nsfw - omegaverse - for the horny fu...
famous || changjin by maxsluvr
famous || changjinby inactive.
❝do you seriously not know who i am?❞ ❝nope, sorry pretty boy.❞ hwang hyunjin + seo changbin started; november 5 2018 finished; december 25 2018 [ I am YOU era ]
Close || Minsung ✔️ by kyutminho
Close || Minsung ✔️by ꨄpeaches
"Thank you Minho." Jisung buried his face into Minho's back which caused a muffled noise when he spoke. "No worries, I'll do anything for you. I just wan...
Babysitter × Changjin by AnnoyingCereal
Babysitter × Changjinby AnnoyingCereal
Hyunjin's mom made him a babysitter for her friend's daughter. He was convinced he will be alone with the girl in the house. Well he was wrong... Started: 24.01.19 End:...
OnlyFans || MinSung by obviouslyuta
OnlyFans || MinSungby samuel/sammie
"Would you like to watch porn together?" "What porn?" "My porn." Jisung was your "typical" highschooler, but he was popular fo...
Weirdo × Changjin by AnnoyingCereal
Weirdo × Changjinby AnnoyingCereal
In a world full of hybrids and magic abilities Hwang Hyunjin didn't think he would ever be surprised by anything. He certainly was wrong.. Or~ About a change in Hyunjin...
be mine | changjin by HANCYON
be mine | changjinby –
in which, hyunjin flirts with changbin through twitter.
you gave me hope | changjin  by cutiesoob
you gave me hope | changjin by ☁️
Hyunjin gave Changbin hope, hope that he could be happy in a world where people are dying and being turned into zombies left and right. But then Hyunjin dies, and Changb...
who are you? + changjin  by soft4huiwon
who are you? + changjin by paul dano simp
Changbin gets who he thinks is felix's number but it isn't. what happens when the two meet. highest tags # #changjin - 4 (completed)
virgin. ✔️  by chanlixofficialceo
virgin. ✔️ by 𝓙𝙴𝚂𝚂
he's 18 and still a virgin, but one night at a party could change that.
MINSUNG MEMES- by yuzru_
For the MINSUNGERs, respectively ! Get your daily dose of MINSUNG MEMES- → © To owners ←
catlick school / changjin by softbun77
catlick school / changjinby softbun77
Then Changbins really religious parents find out that he's gay and sends him to boarding school where he meets a troublemaker named Hwang Hyunjin who just happened to be...
stealer | chanlix by linolicious
stealer | chanlixby mint
felix can't let his crush know that the confession them, now that he knows they don't feel the same. This leads to felix saying that the confession was for cupcake-steal...
Don't tell |Changjin| Smut by 123v312
Don't tell |Changjin| Smutby 123v312
something happened in the dorms that change their chemistry forever. Short story!
lifeguard || changjin  by maxsluvr
lifeguard || changjin by inactive.
❝hyung, you can't swim?!❞ ❝and you can't mind your own business, what's new?❞ hwang hyunjin + seo changbin started; december 8 2018 finished; january 13 2019 [ I am YOU...
Kpop Oneshots by CarmenKB
Kpop Oneshotsby 𝔣𝔞𝔦𝔯𝔶
"Caw caw caw-" -not an xreader -kpop ships
Sadist lover ~changjin  by superbatme
Sadist lover ~changjin by superbatme
he felt pain that made me feel good watching him cry out to me watching him suffer and beg for me and I wouldn't stop until he knew he was mine Warnings Mentions of ⬇️...
Lavender Bubbles °• Changjin by pancakeabs
Lavender Bubbles °• Changjinby pancake 🥞🌸
"Stop leaving your wallet on the counter, you idiot." "I left it? Again?" "Again." •°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•° In which Hyunjin has too much on hi...
WINTER.  changlix, seungjin by NQRTHSTAR
WINTER. changlix, seungjinby everest
[COMPLETED APRIL 19TH, 2019] ❝ i wish the clock had better timing for you and me.❞ ©️NQRTHSTAR 2018
[C] Fanstagram || Minsung by straywithkids
[C] Fanstagram || Minsungby <3 (online)
Just two fan accounts fight over each other's idol, without noticing that the others are the idols..? The better word to explain this just Minsung fighting using their f...