Chapter 15- I love you

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3 days later*

Lainey's POV

It's Thursday morning on the 21st.
Charlotte stayed over last night. My dads are coming home today and we get to skip school today and tomorrow! I was just so excited to see my dads today that I hardly slept. We went to bed around midnight and now it's 9am.

Charlotte and I decided to stay with each other last night because we have a gymnastics meet today.

I haven't told Charlotte about this,but my dads are coming to it,but after they meet with the judge to determine if they can adopt Charlotte.
I'm really excited about it.

We got up and got ready for the meet. We put on our team leotards, and shorts. We also put on our warm up jackets and our checkered vans.

Denise did my hair in 2 braids at the top into a ponytail. She did Charlottes in 2 big puffs at the top of her head with braids at the top.

We got the boys ready too. Of course they had to be in matching green and blue tops.

Soon, we were on our way to the gym.

After the meet—
Laineys POV- the meet went great! i didn't get first place in the all around, but i got third on beam and second on bars! i was proud of myself as it was only my first meet. Charlotte did really good too. she got first on vault and 4th in the all around!

my dads were there watching us too. Alena was there cheering us on. everyone was there with us!

after the meet, we went home and my dads and charlotte got changed into some nicer clothes. it was time for them to go to the court and see if we can take charlotte in. i'm excited, but also nervous for her.

i give them all a hug as they leave.


Joe's POV;

"All 3 of you would like to share custody of Charlotte Henry?" Says the judge.

We are sat at a big table speaking with the judge. Nick, Kevin and I are sat at one end, and Charlottes foster mom with Charlotte in the other end, with the judge in front of us.

We all nod at the judge.

"I understand you have 3 other adopted children at home. I would like to know if they are along with Charlotte will have a safe place to live, be well fed, clothed, and supervised." The judge asks.

We all nod. We take very good care of our kids.

"and lastly,Charlotte, what do you think? Would you like to live with the Jonases?" The judge asks.

Charlotte nods.

"My best friend is their other daughter, Lainey. I've stayed over before and it's really nice to have them with me along with her brothers. I think they will make great parents, as I've seen them with Lainey over the phone. They care a lot and I would feel more than safe and comfortable with them." Charlotte says.

We all smile. That is so thoughtful of her to say.

"Well then, Charlotte. I now pronounce you as a Jonas!" The judge says and slams her hammer down.

Charlotte yelps and jumps up from her chair and straight into our arms.

"Thank you guys so so much! I'm so excited!!" Charlotte says happily.

After we speak to the judge, we go home to tell everyone the good news!

Charlottes POV:

i'm so so excited that i get to be a jonas!! Tomorrow we can go and get my named changed too!

But now i'm really excited! i get to live with my best friend! and i'll have the spare bedroom that will be mine. also tomorrow we're gonna go shopping for me!

But now we are going out for dinner to celebrate!

Joe's POV:

Charlotte got to pick where we had dinner. She chose this cool hibachi place where they cool the food right in front of you!

it was really cool. I watched as the girls eyes lit up when the chef made the whole table go up in flames. Ollie was not impressed though.
I looked over at my kids. It's crazy. I'm 30 years old and have 4 beautiful kids. I mean,Kevin's 32 and he's got 6 in total which is super crazy. but i love every single one unconditionally.

It's gonna be so much fun watching these kids grow up and develop their own personalities and things that make them special.

Soon after we eat, we ask the chef to get a quick picture of all of us. I post it on Laineys Instagram and caption it: Family 💞

Laineys POV:

We got home really late, and we get into some PJs. i come downstairs to find the twins running all around like crazy, and Kevin is trying to get them to cool down so we can sit and watch a movie together.

we all decide on Moana and Nick makes popcorn. i curl up on the loveseat with Charlotte on my left and Joe on my right.
On the other couch is Ollie and Kevin and Rowan.
Nick is in the chair.
Joe gets the popcorn bowl from Rowan and passes it to me and Charlotte.
i suddenly get a sharp pain in my tummy and i refuse the popcorn.
Dad looks at me strangely, as i'm always grabbing the food.

he doesn't think much of it though, as it's nearly 9pm and i'm getting tired anyways.

after the movie, we all start to settle down. Rowan's asleep, Ollie is nearly asleep, so Nick and Kevin take them downstairs. Charlotte and I walk downstairs and into our separate bedrooms. Soon after, Kevin and Nick come back up and kiss me and Charlotte goodnight.

Joe comes up too. he even tells me a story to help make me go to sleep. he tucks me in.

"goodnight Laine, love ya" he says

i say it back and start to drift off, but there's something on my mind.

it's my belly.

i try to ignore it best i can, and try to fall asleep, but time drags on and eventually it's 2am, and i've barely slept a wink.

Eventually i give up on trying to sleep,and make my way into dads room. I find him on his bed in a deep sleep. or so i thought it was. i crawled over next to the bed.

i shook him a bit.
"dad! wake up"
still no response.
"JOE" i whisper-yell

he stirs a bit.

"something wrong baby?" he says quietly, in a raspy voice,obviously still half asleep.

"my tummy hurts" i tell him softly.

He lifts up the blanket and i climb up on the bed and curl up next to him.

he puts his arm around my belly and softly rubs it, trying to make it better.

we stay like that for the rest of the night, slowly drifting off to sleep again.

"i love you daddy" i say very quietly in a whisper tone.

i hope he heard me. cause it's true..

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