Chapter 2: 3 little lovebugs

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Kevin's POV:
My 2 crazy younger brothers and I were sat having lunch on this beautiful Tuesday afternoon. We've been thinking about adoption for quite a while. After the band split up a few years back we were lonely. Well of course we had each other and our wives and I have my daughters too but we felt that we needed just at least one or 2 more to completely fill our hearts. Of course Nick and Joe still have plenty of time but I guess they aren't ready for that yet. So now here we are discussing that it might be too much for the press and social media since we've only just got back together and just released an album just over 2 months ago. we even only just started touring last month that goes into the beginning of next year! But it could also be a good thing. Give children a brand new life! To be given a new second chance to live without worries anymore.
"Kev.. are you there?"

I snap out of my thinking trance and look up to face my baby brothers.

I nod.
"Okay... lets do it" I say
Their lips curl up into a big smile.
We all nod. And head out the door.

Lainey POV:
Today is Tuesday. We have visitors today. I go and put on my best clothes which is just an old simple yellow dress. I get Rowan and Ollie dressed with Blue and Green and Blue nice long sleeved collared shirts and jeans with black shoes. I put on my white sandals with the star on them and a white headband with sunflower on it, then brush out my hair to make it look nice and smooth. Just for the rare occasion that I would get chosen, I put on a light amount of blush and a tiny bit of mascara to complete my look, topped off with some lipgloss. Then I go over to my piano and start playing a bit of Hesitate by the Jonas Brothers since I've been into that one a lot.
How it works at my orphanage is that the person who wants to adopt would have to sign in with Maggie and tell them what they are looking for, then go through with all the paperwork to see if they're eligible to keep a child in their house and then they get to take them home. At least that's what I know. I've heard there's a whole other big process with it too.
We stay in our rooms until the person has read our door. On our doors we have a picture of us and a bit about us and our background stories. When someone knocks on the door and they say your name, you come out and introduce yourself to them. And then you wait and see if they will pick you. I've done this so many times it's starting to hurt.

As I'm going toward the middle of the song, I start to sing along with the words.

Joes POV:
I'm so excited to finally have a kiddo running around. Of course we have Kevin's kids but they live with their mom for the most part. I'm hoping the kids we were looking at earlier will be ready for a commitment like being in the spotlight. I sure hope so.

We really like the kids that are twin boys as we don't have any little boys. Well except for Frankie. but i guess he's not so little anymore.

These boys are named Rowan and Oliver Duncan. They have an older sister named Delainey too. They seem perfect. it says on the description that DeLainey likes to play piano and sing and does dance and gymnastics at the local gymnasium every Saturday and Wednesday. Rowan and Ollie are twins. they aren't too much older than Alena either. Rowan likes soccer and Ollie likes football. they also like painting and coloring. That's so cute!

We all walk in expecting to see many kids, but i just see a reception desk in the middle of the room. Nick goes up first, explaining why we are here. i give the young lady ( who i later found outs name was Maggie) the paperwork and all the forms needed that we had spent the last year and a half completing and getting everything ready for having young children.

"it seems like you all are up to date on everything so we can set you up with a child today" maggie tells us.

we nod and smile at her, eagerly.

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