Chapter 8: #newbeginnings

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A week later

Laineys POV:

It's the night before the first day of school. AKA 2 more days until my dads leave for tour. They won't be back until the 22nd.

I'm feeling nervous still, but also excited because I get to have a new start with everyone.

But I won't be with my dad. He's gonna leave me, which I'm nervous for, but I know that they will be back soon. I don't know how Alena and Valentina do without their dad for so long either.

But I'm glad that they will still be there in the morning to drop us off. But then they have to leave straight after to go to California. But I think it will go okay because we get to go to the shows whenever they come back to NJ.

We've picked out all of our really cute school supplies.

I have a purple backpack and a pink pencil case with some different coloured folders and fun things like that.

After I make sure I have everything in my bag, with my new school uniform folded up on my desk and chair, I go downstairs for some spaghetti dinner.

We all have our last dinner together as our small family before we all leave. That's it. We're all leaving now.

As I clean up my spot and start on my chores, which is unsetting the table and getting ready for bed, I start to tear up a bit. I'm really gonna miss them.

Once I'm in my pajamas, we all settle down on the couch with a movie that I don't really want to watch, and I curl in with Joe. I turn around and bury my face into his stomach, with my hands into fists, holding on to his shirt tightly.

Joe reached around me and cuddled me in for a bit. Soon he starts to notice that I'd been crying.

Joe picks me up and takes me upstairs to his bedroom.

"What's up baby?" He says caring.

"I don't want you to go. I want us all to stay here together. Forever." I say and fall onto Joe's bed.

"Lainey, we've talked about this." Joe says, facing me.

"I know. It's just that, I'm gonna miss you guys. A lot." I say honestly.

"I know, we're gonna miss you guys too. But you can always text us from your phone or face time in the mornings or maybe before shows." He says

"When my mom was alive, and my brothers weren't born yet, my mom was in College. She was a nursing student. And I remember she was studying a whole lot. She would get home from working 2 jobs, then sit at the kitchen table and study and do homework for hours. I was only like 2, so I couldn't really do anything, and my father, didn't do anything at all but sit in the basement and drink beer and watch TV all night. It was really hard for me and now you're gonna leave." I say.

It takes Joe a minute to respond.

"I'm sorry honey. I know it might be hard but you know we will be back. And we will call and text you every day. Plus you'll get to come out to some shows during the breaks at school and maybe some ones when you're in school too. I just don't want to take you away from your schoolwork. It's important." He says.

I nod.

Joe picks me up and we go back downstairs to the living room. We finish up the movie and settle in our beds, after making sure one more time we have everything for school.

"Look at my great big Fourth Grader!!" Joe comes in my room as I'm climbing into bed after setting my school shoes next to my uniform.

As I'm in bed, Joe comes over and wipes the spaghetti sauce from my chin with his thumb.

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