Chapter 17- Breathe

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Joe's POV:

"Lainey... Laine wake up." i say quietly, gently tapping her awake.

she groans a bit and opens one eye.

"good morning baby girl it's time to get up and go to Brooklyn."

she rubs her eyes and stretches out her arms a bit tiredly. it is 4 am after all.

after about two minutes she finally sits up on the bed. i help her get her shoes on, and slip on a red sweatshirt i found over her clothes from the show last night.

Kevin helps the twins and his girls get ready in the other room, and i wake up Charlotte and help to get her dressed.

when everyone is ready, Kevin goes down to check out of the hotel.
I make sure that we have everything packed up in our bags to leave.

Once we were all bundled up for the chilly November New Jersey air, we made our way to the cars to start our way to Brooklyn.

We have to take 2 cars to fit us all.

It's me, Nick, Priyanka, Sophie Charlotte, and Lainey in one car, then Kevin, Frankie, Dani, Alena, Rowan, Valentina and Ollie in the other car.

Not to mention the big bus following us with all of our tour stuff in it like the stage pieces, and wardrobe.

Since it's nearly 5 am, we stop at a starbucks to get some breakfast sandwiches, some hot chocolates for the kids, and a few cake pops, cause i love them.

then we start the journey to Brooklyn

Laineys POV:

Today is November 23. it's finally the day that we go to Brooklyn, NY!

it's Saturday, and tomorrow morning we have to go our separate ways again, as my dads have a show in Massachusetts on Sunday. Then i won't see them until the 29th. that's when they come to Atlantic City, were we might go to the show there too!

but after that, they're not coming home until the middle of December for christmas. they'll be so far away and i'm sad about not being able to see them for a while, but i'm kinda excited to get back to school, as we missed a few days.

Right now we are halfway there to Brooklyn.

It's 5:30 in the morning, and Charlotte is asleep in the seat next to me. All the other kids are in the other car, as we could only fit 6 people and we couldn't separate the twins, and there was no way we could separate Alena and valentina, and then me and charlotte are of course inseparable.

i finish off the rest of my breakfast sandwich, and take a few sips of my hot chocolate, then scroll around on tiktok for a bit.

Soon we arrive Brooklyn at 6am. Dani goes into the hotel to check in and we all stay in the car. we probably won't stay in the hotel for too long tonight because of the show, and we need to drive back home after the show so that we can all get to school.

After that we all get out our luggage and head into the hotel.

i see dani only has one room card.

As i was about to ask why there's only one room, and how we're going to fit 12 people into one room, she opens the door to a room.
As i walk in i can't believe my eyes. Dani got us a whole family suite!

"Wow!" i say smiling, in awe of the biggest room i've ever seen
i was so excited!!

"well why don't you guys go and find your rooms." Kevin says as he sets his suit case down.

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