Chapter 10: Trying new things

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Laineys POV:
"Laine, Lainey, you need to wake up. It's time for school"

I slowly open one eye.
It's Denise
"What time is it?" I ask her



She waits for me to roll out of bed to make sure I don't go back to sleep, then she leaves me to get ready.

I grab my school clothes and bring them into the bathroom, where I have a quick shower and get ready in there, before heading down for some breakfast.

We don't have a lot of time, so I just grab a banana for now and save a granola bar for the bus.

As we are about to leave for school, I grab my backpack and lace up my shoes, Ollie throws a tantrum.


Denise is trying to help and be sweet and saying that he'll be back soon, but I know that won't do much.

I take Ollie's hand, and get down to his level.

"Ollie, your daddy isn't here right now." I say firmly.

"Would you act like this if he was here?" I ask him.

Ollie shakes his head.

"You wanna make Daddy proud don't you?" I ask

Ollie nods.

"Then get up, and quit acting like a baby!" Rowan says to him, which sends Ollie into another bout of tears.

"Rowan that wasn't very nice" Denise says.

I roll my eyes and head out to the bus after saying my goodbyes to Denise.

As I sit down next to Charlotte, my phone buzzes in my lap.

It's a text from Joe.

Joe- I have a present for you. Mom should have it put on your bed when you get home. It's a leotard. Put it on when you get home and wear some flexible shorts on top of it.

I send back a smiley face with a kiss.

The bus pulls into the school and I begin my day.

I sit down at my table and tell Charlotte and Ruebyn all about my gymnastics that I'm doing.

"Are you gonna go to Morristown gymnastics center?" Charlotte asks.

"I think so" I say.

"I go there! What level are you in? Do you know?" She asks.

"I'm not sure,but I did gymnastics before when I was little, another family I was in put me in it and I really enjoyed it." I say.

I told them about how I have a gym in my house and I showed them the video of me and Nick doing backhand springs on the floor together.

"If you can do backhand springs that good, you're probably above level 3." She says.

"I'll ask my dad what level he signed me up for" I say.

As I was about to text Joe, the teacher told us it was time to start class.

The school day dragged on, even though it was only my second day, it wasn't for everyone else. We did a lot of writing and a lot of math, and some silent reading. Pretty much the day was really boring, and I didn't get to see Rowan or Ollie or Alena. Joe texted me a few times during lunch to ask how my day was going, and to tell me that he would call me after school.

Finally it was time to go home. I sat down on the bus with Charlotte and Ruebyn and the twins were on the other side with their friend, Jake.

We got to our stop with Charlotte and the twins and we all started walking. Ruebyn went into her house but  when we got to Charlottes house, she stopped, and didn't go in.

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