chapter 4 -He's my daddy

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A/N Sorry I had written this story then it didn't publish or transfer so here I am, writing it AGAIN FOR THE 3RD TIME!! I really hope it works this time.

Laineys POV

I think that today is gonna be a good day. Joe is gonna take me and my brothers to see James (our bio dad) at Burger King. I don't really like going to see my dad. He isn't very nice to us. He always smells weird and his financial problems are because he spends all his money on drugs and alcohol. I don't really want to go see him. I'd rather stay with Joe.

We are also gonna go to the mall and get some clothes and stuff for us. Kevin is going to get his kids and then we might go do something fun with them too.

I get all dressed in a blue top and black leggings and white shoes, then help the twins get dressed in blue and green striped shirts and grey sweats with black shoes.

We go downstairs together.

Nick has some pancakes laying out for us as Kevin digs in already.

"Where's Joe?" I ask anyone, cutting my pancake.

"He's still asleep. He's gonna take you all to see your dad later while I get my girls" Kevin says with a mouthful of pancake.

I nod and shove a bit of my pancake in my face as joe comes downstairs in pajama pants and no shirt.

"Gosh Joseph you're gonna scar her for life! Put a shirt on!" Nick says laughing, covering my eyes playfully.

Joe turns around and goes back upstairs with a plain black shirt on.

"Better?" Joe says coming back downstairs.

We nod and finish up our breakfast.

As soon as we are done with our breakfast, Danielle takes all of us kids to the mall for a while. We get a whole bunch of new clothes of all different colours. We go into a whole bunch of cool stores. We stop for some ice cream on the way back home, with many handfuls of bags full of new clothes and shoes. She also gets us some special pillows,blankets and stuffed animals. I pick out a blue stuffed dog that kinda looks like the one I used to have. When we get home, I put all my blankets and pillows on my bed nicely, then put the stuffed dog next to the other stuffed bear that my mom saved for me before she passed. Danielle helps me put away all my clothes, and I help Alena and Valentina put away their clothes while Nick helps the twins. When we finished that, it was time to go meet up with James, my father.

We pulled up to the Burger King and as we were walking in, I stayed behind,holding tightly to Joe's hand.

Joe looks down at me as we enter, keeping an eye on the boys as they find our dad.

Joe bends down to my level.

"Laine, these visits are optional, you don't have to go if you don't want, but just for today, just go and say hi and we can just sit at a different table for now."

I nod as we go over and meet my dad. Joe has to let go of my hand, so I grab onto his leg.

Joe shakes hands with my father and introduces himself. James just gives a small smile and nods, doesn't shake Joes hand, and gives me a small smile, going back to tickling Rowan. I see who's picking favourites.

Joe and I order some fries and a drink, and we sit on the other side of the restaurant, with my back to father and my brothers. Joe and I talk a bit about what we wanted to do after this. Joe is a good fatherly,dad type figure, unlike my real bio father. So I really like joe. I was thinking of going to Funzone Arcade and Fun Center. They have an arcade,a play place, go karts, bowling, a trampoline park,bumper cars, really all the super fun stuff.

Joe really liked that idea.
As we finish up in the Burger King, we hop back in the car to get everyone and go to funzone.

Kevin's POV:
I knock on the door of my moms house as I tap my foot on the ground as if that would make the door open faster. The door is opened to face my mom, who has on her cooking apron. I walk in to the smell of pot roast.
"Kev honey, sit,sit! I hope you're hungry!" Mom says as I sit down at the table with my oldest daughter. As I'm about to ask where Valentina is, she comes down the stairs in her pj's still looking a bit sleepy. She smiles as she sees me and I pick her up. I set her on my lap as I enjoy a very nice lunch with my babies.

Alena tells me how excited she is to meet her brothers and sister. She says that she's always wanted an older sister, so that she can do her makeup.
I laugh at that a little.

"Well I'm sure that Lainey won't mind doing that." I say to my silly 5 year old.

My phone buzzes in my pocket as I'm taking a bite of my pot roast.

It's joe in a group chat with me,Danielle, Nick, Sophie, Pri, mom,dad, and Frankie.

-meeting at funzone in an hour. I have Laine,Row,and Ollie. Kev,bring the girls. It's gonna be fun- J

I load the girls up in the car and we head towards the funzone.

Dad drives and mom is in the passenger seat. I sit in between Alena and Valentina as we all talk about our new family members.

Laineys POV:
Everyone got to the funzone and we are now in the arcade part of the place. I got a bunch of tickets. Alena,Rowan,Ollie,and I, (with a little help from Joe and Nick) put together all of our tickets and win a giant stuffed monkey, and a whole bunch of different little toys and candies. It was funny because Kevin had to carry around a giant monkey all around the whole building. Nick,Joe,Sophie,Priyanka,Kevin, Frankie, and I do bumper cars and Go karts, while the little kids go to the trampoline park. After we do bumper cars and go karts, (Nick won) we meet everyone back at the trampoline park and we jump around for a bit, Nick and I do a backflip together while holding hands. Then joe joins in with me in the middle of them. Kevin snaps a picture of us it's a really cool picture. He puts it on his Instagram with the caption
Family time...
We watch as the comments blow up with
"Who's that?" And
"Do you have another kid?"

We decide to wait to tell everyone until we go on the Ellen show next week.

We jump around for a bit more,then we do a bit of family bowling, which requires 2 lanes. We run into some fans, and they were asking who we were, but they were really nice, and didn't push the subject.
After we bowl, which the little kids needed a bit of help from me, we go out for dinner at this really cool Japanese restaurant where you're around a big stove and they cook in front of you. There was a really cool fire show and they had my favorite food, noodles! It was a lot of fun to be with my new family.

We all go our separate ways and I go in the car with Kevin and the girls, as I've been around a bunch of people today.

The twins and the girls both fall asleep in the car so I help by carrying in Valentina since she's the lightest. And to be honest, she's really cute.

Once all the kids are down, I gets changed into my pjs as it's nearly 9pm.
Everyone is scurrying around, getting all ready for bed, as joe and I settle in on the couch trying to find something to watch. Since it's almost Halloween, we settle on Hotel Transylvania. I start to feel really sleepy after a little while, and I feel myself being lifted off the couch. I open my eye a tiny bit and notice that joe is carrying me. I like being carried, and I love joe, so I don't say anything. I'm carried back up the stairs, and I'm put into my own bed. As I'm being wrapped in my covers, I notice something else in my bed. I roll over to investigate. It's Joe, his arm wrapped around my stomach. He's mine. He's my daddy.

Joe Jonas is my dad.

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