Chapter 16- Feelings

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Lainey's POV:

It's finally the day of my dad and his brothers concert in Newark. It takes about 35 minutes to get there, and we have to be there by 11 to get ready and all that. Right now it's 10am and we're packing and getting ready to grab some breakfast.

Tomorrow we are also going to the show in New York which i'm super excited for. I used to live in New York with an old foster family. i liked it, but the family had enough kids, and it was a big jump adding 3 more.

We all got our bags packed.. except for Charlotte. she still doesn't have much as were gonna be super busy with the shows, so Dani is going to take her shopping when we're in NY tomorrow.

I just finished packing my bag. we'll only be gone for 2 days, so i just packed a few outfits and stuff. plus i'm sure i'll buy another shirt when we're in new york.

once we got all of our things in the car, we decide to grab some mcdonald's quickly just so we can start the way to Newark. 

In the car, the little kids were acting crazy! Kevin put the music up really loud and all of us were dancing all crazy, so much that Alena and Rowan unbuckled themselves and stood up in the car! Nick was trying to contain them and make them sit down, then had a bit of a talk with them about how important it is to stay seated and buckled in the car. it was kinda funny.

But Charlotte and I just kept to ourselves. we put our headphones in and watched some tiktoks together.

Soon we arrived in Newark. We had to get 2 different hotel rooms to fit all of us in. There's me,charlotte, rowan,ollie, and joe in one room, then nick, kevin, the girls and dani in another.  there's 2 big beds and a pull out couch to fit us all. i think all the wives, and maybe some other family are going to join us tonight too!

We unpacked a little bit and headed down to the arena to get ready for the show. Nick,Joe,and Kevin got ready for soundcheck just as the crew was finishing up making the stage. Charlotte,Rowan,Alena and I all sat on the B stage while all the others sat in the very front row watching them do sound check and practice singing a bit. Once again, i start to get that feeling in my tummy again.. i don't know what it is. it's very sudden and feels like i'm gonna puke. but i don't.

Charlotte notices my grimace and pulls me into a side hug as we are sitting down.

Soon, we go and get some lunch at a little deli place. Joe gave me a 20 and sent me, Charlotte, and Alena inside to get a few turkey and ham sandwiches. we also got a few bags of chips, some sodas, and 5 cookies.

We headed back to the hotel to eat and then all of us kids, and Dani, took a dip in the indoor pool of the hotel for about an hour. soon the time hit 5:00, and we all went back to the hotel room to get ready for the show.

"hey look what i brought you guys!" Joe said as he walked towards all of us kids holding a bag in his hands.

He dumps the bag out all over the bed.

"They're shirts!" Ollie yells out.

"yep! and look" Kevin says

the shirts have Jonas written on the back, along with our birth years, with our names on the left side on the front. it looked like a jersey type of thing.
i thought it was really cute!

we all put on our shirts and i paired mine with black leggings and white vans.

Charlotte and I were matching!

Eventually, we had to get down to the arena very soon.

So without too much hassle, which is very common with 6 kids, we all get there just in time for fans to start arriving.

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