Chapter 12- The Plan

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Joe's POV:

I'm not sure if this is going to work, but I want to have Laineys friend, Charlotte, become one of us. A Jonas.
Lainey has told me her story and Charlotte has been through more than any 10 year old should ever. I've talked to my brothers about it and we've all decided that we are going to wait until we meet Charlotte. I think I want to bring her out to the show when we all go back to NJ and surprise them. We still need to go through the adoption process though. Lainey told me that they are keeping Charlotte this week until the police get in contact with foster care while we get through with the process too. We got our license to foster and adopt  about a year ago, but we've been so busy with getting the band back together, and your preparations and such, we didn't have time to until late September when we actually started to look into it. Then in October we finally got fitted with Lainey and the twins. I really hope we can go through with Charlotte as well. So we know It will take a really long time. Nick is on the phone with our lawyer right now to figure something out, and Kevin is on the phone with Charlotte social worker to figure it out as well. I'm feeling a little nervous about it.

Laineys POV
It's Saturday and we are all out for breakfast at IHOP before Charlotte and I go to gymnastics practice at 10 and it goes until 1:30. It's gonna be a long practice, but I'm excited to get better at gymnastics with my best friend. Denise is going to have the twins try basketball today, then after our gymnastics practice, we're going to the arcade.

After breakfast, we head home and change into our leotards. I put on a blue one with sparkles, and I let Charlotte wear my pink one with grey stripes. We put on our shorts and put black sweatpants for Charlotte and grey for me since it's cold out. Then we put on red sweatshirts.

We slipped our shoes on. I helped Ollie get his green basketball shorts on with his white jersey shirt that says Jonas on the back. And Rowan has the same except his is blue of course.

Denise dropped us off at gymnastics practice and we got started with our team. We did progressions and got started with bars. I like bars, however I think I like floor and vault more.

After a long practice, it was finally over and I was so tired and wiped out. Denise picked us up and we went to watch the last hour of the boys basketball practice. It was really cute watching all the 5-8 year olds dribble around cones and and trying to shoot into low baskets.
Charlotte and I were really hungry, as we hadn't eaten since breakfast before gymnastics, so Denise gave us a few dollars to get something out of the vending machine.

As we were walking down the hall to find one, we saw a familiar face.
It was Amelia from school.

"Oh well look who it is. It's the Jonas girl." Amelia said snarkly.

"Hey she has a name!" Charlotte says, defending me. 
I hold her back.

"Yeah and I don't care. What are you two even doing here anyways? Shouldn't you be oh i don't know on a bus? Far away from here?" She asks.

"Well FYI, my dads want me to get an education and stay here with my other family. And it's not any of your business to be in mine anyways." I say.

I try to be the bigger person and walk away before anything else happens. But I catch Amelia say one more thing under her breath so quietly I could barely hear it.

"They aren't even your real family."

I wanted to turn around and smack her, but I didn't. We just walked away and got some fruit snacks and chips from the vending machine and went back to the court where I saw the boys talking with Denise with another little boy. As Charlotte and I got closer, we saw Amelia, who was standing right behind the little boy.

"Oh Lainey! This is Jordan. Amelias little brother. Rowans new friend. Amelia told me you're in the same class?" Denise asks me.

I nod slowly. I do a little smile at Amelias dad.

After the twins basketball practice, we go out to a big buffet Chinese place. By the time we were done it was about 4, so we headed to the Arcade.

Joe's POV:
Florida is really nice so far. Nick and I just got smoothies at a smoothie place before heading back to the venue. We went to the beach for a little while today. I sent Lainey some pictures.

Speaking of Lainey, I got a text from her saying that someone from school isn't being very nice to her. She thinks that her being a Jonas is interfering with it. I just told her to be strong and don't listen to that person. And always have a good comeback. This is why I was a little hesitant in sending her to school. But lainey's a tough girl. But I'm her dad, and I'm gonna watch out for her. We have a meeting with the teacher scheduled for when we get back after school on Friday.

I'm getting really excited to see Lainey. I did a face time with her and Charlotte. They were at the arcade. Lainey showed Charlotte playing skeeball. I asked her to show me the boys. Rowan was doing basketball and Ollie was knocking down the clowns.

My mom was watching them trying to keep up with Ollie, who was running all over the place.

I had to hang up because I got a call from Charlottes social agency worker.

She said that Charlotte is now in the foster system. There will be a home check the day we get back since we already have our licenses to foster.

We finally have a plan set up. We're gonna make Charlotte a part of us. Since My mom doesnt have a fostering license, she will have to go to another home until we get back on the 22nd. Then all day we will have to do the house check and getting ready for Charlotte to stay. We're gonna start out by Fostering her, and keeping her with us until we can officially adopt her like we did with Lainey and the twins.

I just hope we can handle 6 kids with us. Especially on tour.

That's the other thing. We decided that we're going to let the kids, and hopefully Charlotte, come with us for the last week of November. Then they are gonna go back with Danielle. I think it's time we give mom a break from the kids again.

However, Dani's gonna have her hands full..

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